[ Spring Break Part 1 – March 27th, 2012 ]

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Over today and tomorrow I’ll actually be making two posts! Me and my Mom scored an awesome win and managed to get both of us the $99 three day passes for Disney! (Which is a ridiculous savings by the way, those two passes together cost less then it would be for just one single 3 day pass). So I’ll keep the words short and the pictures flowing – day one is dedicated to Animal Kingdom!

Warning: If you do not have fast internet or are on a phone right now, don’t go further with this post, when I say picture heavy, I mean holycrapwow picture heavy, I mean like 70 photos of cute animals is awesome but would be painful to load.

Also: All of these photos were taken by me. Don’t use them and say they’re yours that’s rude etc. If you post any of these adorable animals anywhere credit me, por favor 🙂

Keep an eye on my tumblr for the next few days for photo tumbls with witty comments on some photos and some lol worthy outtakes.


[ this must be, pop – 4.4.11 ]

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Chicago has decided to rebel against it’s residents once again and has taken a 180 degree turn back to the frigid temperatures of last season; but hey, at least its sunny out! The irony this week is that I migrated to the Midwest from Florida because I just couldn’t take the lack of seasons any more, now that very lack of seasons is saving me from another week of writing about winter fashion! This fabulous Full Sail University Fashionista caught my eye when I was out wandering around Orlando with my friends; she’s a great example of how to rock the essential spring floral fashion and how to take it to the next level without going over the top. This ability is one that is hard for many of us stylish lads and ladies to come by, it’s not always easy to pull off the balance of pizzazz and simplicity and pull it off well to boot. This is an important skill for any Fashionista to pick up for the spring and summer months, as it is the best way to add some spice to an other wise minimalistic wardrobe.

The advice continues here…

[ road trippin’ – 3.29.11 ]

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I had a really rough trip down to Florida, if it went wrong… well it probably did. About 45 minutes outside of Indianapolis I got into a bit of an accident, nothing major but it was enough to do over 2 grand in damage to my car, which is over 2 grand I don’t have at the moment. Thankfully the damage was done in such a way that my car is still able to be driven and we were able to fix it up after replacing the light to make it look not so bad. It was one of those unfortunate things where I hit it at just the right angle to do a load of damage. After fixing the headlight that was just annihilated I still need to replace my front bumper and front right fender (the front right panel above the front right tire if you’re not in the know). Thankfully they’re things that don’t have to be immediately replaced. The picture of Rupert is relevant because this little brat jumped into my lap and that’s what ended up causing the fender bender. My foot slipped off of the brake and tapped the gas, I was just glad we had been stopped and the damage wasn’t worse.

I normally drive straight through, but because of the missing headlight I wasn’t about to drive through the mountains between Nashville and Chattanooga in the dark, plus the stress left me with an awful migraine and quite dizzy so it just ended up being in my best interest to stop. I have to say, I think I’m going to stop half way through from now on. Even though, yeah, it saves me and my parents like $80 to not stop, it’s a lot more safe and less stressful on all parties than me driving for 16-20 hours (depending on traffic and how many times the puppy needs to piddle). It also gave me the opportunity to sight see along the way a little bit, which I don’t normally get to do but have always wanted to do. I walked around the Battle of Nashville Traveler’s Rest site but didn’t actually get to see inside the house or anything because it was before opening hours and by then I was just ready to get on the road (and so was Rupert, he doesn’t appreciate being left in hotel rooms while I wander around). I did, however, stop and get to actually walk around another Civil War battlefield. Chickamauge Battlefield which is in Northern Georgia but just outside of Chattanooga as well was a gorgeous site. It’s so weird to think that a bit over a hundred and fifty years ago (the battle there happened in 1863) it was soak in blood and bullets of kids who were probably mostly younger than myself and most of my friends. The Civil War is the only part of US history that really fascinates me, other than that I mostly have an interest in British and Eastern European history (most specifically Victorian England/Prussia and the European Front of WWII) so finally getting to see a Civil War battlefield after having seen so many photos and read so many books on it was truly an experience.

Things were a lot less dramatic once I actually got to Florida. I had a nice Sunday with my Mom and although I got bad news on Monday about my car (that was when I found out the costly price). I spent mostly of Monday through Thursday night with Kat and it was just absolutely amazing. I can’t express how much I adore her as a friend. That first night we just sort of hung around and dealt with boys being sketchy and bad for making plans with – Tuesday was by far the best day I’ve had in Florida probably in years. We went to Seaworld and it was great. It wasn’t too hot out and I got a load of great photos and it was nice to actually have social interaction with someone where I didn’t feel like I was constantly being judged, which is something I feel is too common with those in our generation, we judge each other way too much so to have social interaction without the eye rolls and catty remarks was really quite nice.

It didn’t hurt that we got in for free because Kat works at Seaworld either haha. Either way, it was way better than my last visit which was… another overly dramatic Florida trip though involving lots of extended family members (which I’m sure everyone knows at 16 is never fun… ever). On Wednesday we got to go see Sucker Punch for free, which was a ridiculous expereince because there were 15 of us total so it took intricate planning and lots of carpooling. The movie was actually amazing. I expected it to be visually awesome but I didn’t expect to actually like the plot, which I did. My love for Emily Browning probably left me at least a little biased though.

I was pretty excited when I got my grades for the quarter while on break. I ended up getting A-‘s in both my internship class and Film Philosophy (seriously, I’ll be honest, with the amount of effort I put into those papers I deserved a B at most) and I got an A in my Intro to PR class. I was most shocked about my grade in French… I actually managed to swing a B-. I actually failed the final but that’s just sort of how I’ve always been with language. When I’m at home and I’m writing compositions and doing workbooks and doing in-class stuff I do great, I didn’t have a single grade on anything like that below a 92, but I have no retention for language so I tend to do very, very poorly on written tests (I tend to do better on oral ones since they’re normally with a partner so I’m given some direction). I also found out that I currently have a B+ from Intermediate Photo so as long as I do decently on this final project I got an extension on I’ll get at least that in the class. Over all… I’ll say after all the stress and hassle of winter quarter it ended on a very good note grade wise, I was honestly scared there for a bit with how bad my dizziness was getting and how high my stress level was between SPACE, CollegeFashionista, and 5 classes but, I’m very very pleased with the outcome and glad I pushed myself through it.

Well I’ll leave off on that note. This entry is already incredibly long and totally just a boring recount of the mostly unexciting stuff I did over break. I promise that update about exciting things coming up in my life by the end of the week!

I also apologize to everyone that I was completely absent and lacking in posts this week, I was unexpectedly without internet pretty much the whole time I was in Florida. If you’re on the quarter system like me and just got back from Spring Break, I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to see the rest of my photos from my trip head over to my tumblr and sift through the ‘spring break 2011’ tag… or just click here!

[ shortie – 3.16.11 ]

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I ended up finding out I needed blood work on Friday and got it done very spur of the moment. It’s the first time I’ve had blood work done and not had a major meltdown and not been able to do it. I have a really bad fear of sharp things entering my body, I’ve always had an issue getting shots or blood work so I was incredibly thankful it went off without any drama this time. I think it’s mostly because it was a last minute thing and I didn’t have a few days to stress out about it. I’m glad I’m starting to get all this medical stuff handled though, it’s gone on much too long. I was glad for a mostly relaxing weekend where I could just hang around and do a face mask and paint my nails and just take it easy while I wrote my final papers and studied for my exam in French. It was a much needed breather to get me through finals week.

I’ve been really trying to up my skin care regime. I’ve been using a toner in the mornings and at night and I just invested in this awesome feeling gel-creme moisturizer to use along with the toner as well. I know I’m far from old but I’m at the age where most people neglect their skin and then pay for it in 10-15 years. I do not want to be one of those people so I’m going to try and be more proactive about it!

Now that my quarter from hell is over I’m going to writing about more and taking more photos and especially talking more about fashion and music, which is what I meant to be writing about all along but with how hectic everything has been it’s been honestly hard for me to keep up with album releases and fashion.

I’ve never been so excited to go back to Florida. I have to do some major thrifting and shopping to try and find some pants and a shirt or two for the first shoot I’m ever going to style (SO EXCITED). I lucked out and someone I met a bit ago that does make-up and hair is really throwing me a great opportunity to start working on my styling book. Even if it’s going to put me out some money at first it’s going to be 150% worth it. He wanted to do a mix of street style and typical Japanese theme so I suggested doing the clothing ala Adam Levine at the Grammy’s this year with traditional inspired make-up and he seemed really into the idea. I’m also really excited because I’m reshooting some stuff for my Marie Antoinette inspired final because I got an extension since I can’t be in the dark room right now, which I appreciate more than I could put into words to my professor. I’m also going to be sitting for my friend Shannon’s portrait project and seeing Sabrina for the first time in almost 2 years. It’s going to be a really nice and relaxing Spring Break, which is exactly what I need right now.

Another short and sweet update. I’m going to make a major photo update on here this weekend about my drive down from Chicago to Daytona! So I hope everyone has a nice rest of the week!

PS. More exciting news will come after some financial stuff is discussed 🙂

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