[ Bonjour! – April 10th, 2012 ]

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Bonjour! Things are starting to get quiet busy again, school has really started to get going.

My proposals for my Archaeology and Ethnographic research projects are both due within the next week and I still have yet to find a proper book to do my Forensic paper on! Sculpture is going well, brilliantly so really. Instead of doing the regular course because of my issues with weariness and what not me and Susy decided on me doing it as a sort of independent study where I can work on my own time when I’m feeling well and I get to work souly with clay! Instead of working with plaster which is a huge boon to me, I’ve missed working with clay so much – I really do love it. I only wish we had a kiln so I could permanent my projects (especially this first one, my Dad would really love it). French is… well its going. Language has never been my strong point and going back to studying a language when I’ve barely spoken it in a year is proving to be just as tough as I thought it would be.

I’m most excited about the little changes I’ve made in my apartment. Its funny how a few cheap little wooden items for my kitchen and rearranging my living room have given it a fresh new look! I’m about 70% done with all the rearranging and major spring cleaning (two years of school papers and random junk mail really adds up after awhile, and apparently I had a whole section of my cabinet just full of grocery bags, apparently I am a hoarder of the useless and mundane!). I’ve already snapped some photos to show off the changes once I’m done. I’m trying to ‘adult’ up the place. Getting rid of shoddy little plastic items and putting my beloved stuffed panda collection into storage, getting rid of cruddy looking candles and all the little other odds and ends that have cluttered up the place over the last two years. Oh and finally – FINALLY, once my Dad pays me back some money I’m getting a real couch, not the awful, cheap, uncomfortable Ikea one I’ve had for over 3 years now – a real couch that I can actually sit and relax on and not feel miserable about 30 minutes in.

Next weeks Tuesday post’ll be all about my apartment and revamping it so I’m pretty stoked to write that entry needless to say, as well as my next two Friday posts! This Friday is going to be about my latest freebie snag from JewelMint (I love sites that give away free credit for promoting to your friends and stuff, its the only way I’ve been able to treat myself to these little jewlery purchases, free stuff ahoy!) and the following week is gonna be a review of this new skin care/cleansing/mask set I got at Target on a whim to try and clear up how awful stress has turned my skin lately.

Just a heads up, my posts will probably continue to be quite late in the day posted for the next few weeks as I’m coming off of Lyric for my Fibromylagia and hopefully going on to another mode of treatment because it made me feel all woosh and spacey even 6 weeks in when initial side effects should have been gone – so needless to say my body is all sorts of out of whack as is my sleeping pattern!

Au Revoir!
Until Friday!


[ shortie – 3.16.11 ]

March 16, 2011 Comments Off on [ shortie – 3.16.11 ]

I ended up finding out I needed blood work on Friday and got it done very spur of the moment. It’s the first time I’ve had blood work done and not had a major meltdown and not been able to do it. I have a really bad fear of sharp things entering my body, I’ve always had an issue getting shots or blood work so I was incredibly thankful it went off without any drama this time. I think it’s mostly because it was a last minute thing and I didn’t have a few days to stress out about it. I’m glad I’m starting to get all this medical stuff handled though, it’s gone on much too long. I was glad for a mostly relaxing weekend where I could just hang around and do a face mask and paint my nails and just take it easy while I wrote my final papers and studied for my exam in French. It was a much needed breather to get me through finals week.

I’ve been really trying to up my skin care regime. I’ve been using a toner in the mornings and at night and I just invested in this awesome feeling gel-creme moisturizer to use along with the toner as well. I know I’m far from old but I’m at the age where most people neglect their skin and then pay for it in 10-15 years. I do not want to be one of those people so I’m going to try and be more proactive about it!

Now that my quarter from hell is over I’m going to writing about more and taking more photos and especially talking more about fashion and music, which is what I meant to be writing about all along but with how hectic everything has been it’s been honestly hard for me to keep up with album releases and fashion.

I’ve never been so excited to go back to Florida. I have to do some major thrifting and shopping to try and find some pants and a shirt or two for the first shoot I’m ever going to style (SO EXCITED). I lucked out and someone I met a bit ago that does make-up and hair is really throwing me a great opportunity to start working on my styling book. Even if it’s going to put me out some money at first it’s going to be 150% worth it. He wanted to do a mix of street style and typical Japanese theme so I suggested doing the clothing ala Adam Levine at the Grammy’s this year with traditional inspired make-up and he seemed really into the idea. I’m also really excited because I’m reshooting some stuff for my Marie Antoinette inspired final because I got an extension since I can’t be in the dark room right now, which I appreciate more than I could put into words to my professor. I’m also going to be sitting for my friend Shannon’s portrait project and seeing Sabrina for the first time in almost 2 years. It’s going to be a really nice and relaxing Spring Break, which is exactly what I need right now.

Another short and sweet update. I’m going to make a major photo update on here this weekend about my drive down from Chicago to Daytona! So I hope everyone has a nice rest of the week!

PS. More exciting news will come after some financial stuff is discussed 🙂

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