[ BB Cream, Take 1! – March 15th, 2014 ]

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ImageThere’s been so much going on lately! I’ve got a lot of head way (about 50 articles to annotate for my thesis) with school that I need to make and some big things are happening for my other project! Through Daily Lives is ‘officially launching’ soon – meaning we’re writing up some introductory posts, some ‘meet the writers’ things, and some real content! I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m not sure if any other Spoonies or Chronic Illness sufferers follow this blog of mine – but I really hope you’ll check out my project and help me and some other great people by checking it out! ‘Real’ posts start this Monday! Thankfully its Spring Break so I actually might have a little time to pull everything I need to off, which is only minutely (read this in full on sarcasm) amazing.

I’ve felt pretty awful lately, for a lot of reasons – but for the first time since I got diagnosed, hell for the first real time since my symptoms started – I’ve actually felt like I looked sick. I’ve looked tired. I’ve looked pale. I think I may have even developed some minor psoriasis that’s gone misdiagnosed as cradle cap for years (not fun have bright red patches on one’s face and chest), so I’m trying to up my game and integrate easier make-up routines into my day to day to keep me feeling like I haven’t lost my ~healthy look~.


I used to use CoverGirl almost exclusively in high school for all of my foundations (powdered and liquid) so I thought CoverGirl would be a great first try. First try of what you may ask yet assume at the same time? BB Cream! I’ve heard some great things, its quick and easy to apply, plus the dual moisturizing and covering step is pretty great. For a gal on the run who does way too much, is way too tired, and doesn’t leave herself enough time for anything – less steps? Always better.

As I was saying, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of CoverGirl, even though I migrated away from them to mineral powders and dream liquid, it was never because I lost faith in the brand – they just didn’t have the products I was looking for any more (outside of mascara which I migrate back to every now and then). Well I was looking around at the different BB Creams and they seemed a great place to start! CoverGirl has always been pretty great with moderate styles of coverage, which is what I was looking for, and does have some great moisturizer on the market. So here we are! Take 1 of my ‘finding a BB Cream I like’ trials. Lets get to the results!


Here is my glorious face without an ounce of make-up on – not even any day old mascara left over! I’m legitimately fresh faced here people so take advantage of this rare opportunity. At least I don’t have any of my red patches right now, they’ve been behaving for the last month or so (which hasn’t made trying to get in to a dermatologist any easier, since I’d obviously prefer to go when I’m having a flare so it can get diagnosed in an optimal way – rather than me just trying to describe it). I have a fair bit of redness in my face even without any patches, but other wise my skin is looking fairly good right no. No major blemish breakouts, no redness breakouts, just my normal red toned skin rather than any wonky patches.

ImageOur first picture here that you see if my face half covered in the product. The right side of the photo (so the left side of my face) has the BB Cream on it. You can definitely see a different in the level of shine that is being emitted – even though right now I’m not big on the almost waxy feeling of my face, maybe that will disappear after its had a little time to settle in, because if not that would be a huge deterring factor in me continuing use of the product – let alone recommending it to anyone. It does seem to give at least a little coverage, but since my nose is the most discolored area of my skin right now – I’ll get a better idea of that once I’m all the way under. For now, I do at least appreciate that my face seems to shine less, which is always a bonus – no one wants to look greasy (even if I feel it right now, which is still a major turn off).

ImageThe redness isn’t gone, but its definitely been downplayed! You can see a lot of the benefits I mentioned in the ‘in-between’ shot a lot better here, where my face is entirely covered in the BB Cream. That redness ion my nose hasn’t completely disappeared but it would be easy to miss now if you weren’t already aware and looking for it. Some of the waxy feeling on my left side has dissipated now, by the time I’ve covered my right side and am writing this but there is still a bit of a… I dunno, its just an odd feeling, to my skin. I’m not a big fan of this feeling but I’m sure it could be easily counteracted with some mineral powder to just finish things up.

So all in all how do I feel? Well I certainly feel like it was a good idea for me to start testing out some BB Creams! I will probably use this CoverGirl one up – I’m happy enough with it to keep using it until I’m out, but I’m not completely sold on whether or not it will become a new product in my arsenal. I’m really thrown off by the way it feels on my skin – waxy, and I can tell its there which are two things that I find to be a big no, no. It has decent coverage – nothing amazing but the point here is for a one step, easy fix that I can use on my lazy or episode-filled days and I do think it at least brings that much to the table. I think I’d have to try 1 or 2 other BB Creams to decide whether or not I use CoverGirl as my regular one. Either way I will definitely be adding some sort of BB Cream to my make-up bag.


[ Bacon Pancakes, Need I Say More? – March 11th, 2014 ]

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IMG_4640I cook a lot – I really enjoy cooking, that being said… I never write about it! In the process of starting my new project Through Daily Lives (Go check it out! Yes, that’s some shameless self-promotion, but also promotion for the other writers involved!) I started toying around with the idea of adding a cooking/recipes section to it and got to thinking… well not all of my cooking and experimentation in the kitchen would really be appropriate for the newsletter or blog associated with the project – that doesn’t mean I can’t write about them! So with that being said, you might see more of me around here – especially since cooking is something I do much more than getting new products to review and I have plenty of photos sitting around of previous cooking experiments I could share too! Recipes you find here will be less Spoonie-friendly (go read the Spoon Theory if you don’t know what that is, in short it refers to those who suffer from Chronic Illness) and probably take a lot more work and energy than I’d feel comfortable posting over there. I WISH this experiment had a more Spoonie friendly version (beyond using ‘just add water’ pancake mix versus the original type) but sadly, this is a pretty energy heavy meal to make due to all of the mixing and flipping.

What is this new  fangled recipe I tried out? MOTHER F’ING BACON PANCAKES!

BP - IngredientsI may get crucified for this, but, I didn’t get the itching for trying out this idea from Adventure Time (I’ve never gotten into the show, honestly, another thing the internet may hate me for!). I got it from a good old obsession with breakfast food and a way to find a way that could make my pancakes more yummy and less syrup-messy-soggy. My pictures feature my whole meal – complimented by some amazing strawberries (those were a way overpriced treat that I don’t even regret), eggs that I finally got the temperature right on this stove to get the way I like, english muffins because you can’t hold back my obsession, and my favourite plates that I don’t use nearly enough because nothing scares me more than scratching or breaking them.

BP - Batter MixI went with the not ‘complete’ version of a pancake because I’ve found they have a slightly thicker consistency in personal experience and I thought that would make for better shaped pancakes when it came to the point of dealing with the grease that would inevitably come off of the bacon and try and rudely disrupt the batter.

So I went on my merry way, making the batter as directed – but this is where my syrup flavour-retention-stickyness-removal idea came into fruition! I decided that I was going to try something I hadn’t before – now I’ve added all sorts of things into pancake mix varying from your normal fruits and chocolate to nutella and even peanut butter (I still need to figure that one out, maybe a blender trial is in my future to try and combat the sticky chunks) – but this wasn’t going to be one of those times where you could see the results… I added the syrup right in! For reference I added about 1/4th a cup of the sticky stuff and it did take a lot of extra mixing than usual, but it was totally worth it. Next time I think I’m going to try adding in 2/3rds because there was the nice maple flavour there, but I’d like it to be a bit stronger personally, if you’re looking for something subtle the 1/4th a cup should work for you.

Even if you’re not making bacon pancakes… I highly suggest this ‘syrup right in the batter’ method when you want to avoid a mess. I think it could be pretty handy for feeding messy little children or avoiding mess and ants on a camping trip!

BP - Bacon Pancake CookingWhen it came to the bacon I tried two different ways of cooking. Most online recipes said to cook everything at once (as in bacon down, batter immediately) so I tried that first. It sketched me out a little bit to cook the pancakes this way because I felt like the bacon looked a bit undercooked, on top of the fact that I much prefer my bacon crispy any way. I tried a second method – cooking the bacon on one side and then adding the batter after the normal flipping sequence. I found this worked equally as well as far as pancake cooking went, but I found the bacon much easier to cut when it came to the end product and actually eating the yummy results. So my suggestion here is to let the bacon cook about 60-90 seconds (depending on how crispy you like things) to allow the bacon to ‘retract’ to its cooked size and give it a little pre-cooking before you add the batter.

When it comes to flippage… I found it was a little difficult to gage, I won’t deny that I blackened the first side of a few pancakes when trying to figure out when exactly to flip the pancakes – the grease from the bacon definitely made things bubble a bit more and since that is how you usually tell when to flip… it definitely made things a bit less clear!

BP - Batter BubblesI can’t really give a general guess about when to flip because this will differ depending on your pan size (due to grease collection), heat you’re cooking at (this can differ greatly between stoves and cook top type!), and just the fact that some people are better flippers than others! I do suggest using your widest spatula you have, though – because that will keep the weigh of the bacon from breaking up the pancake at all (I found out the hard way this WILL happen if you muck up and make the pancake too big).

That leaves another question – what about size?! I saw a lot of variation in size over the internet and I went for something in the middle. I had a lot of problems with the one pancake that was actual pancake size so I definitely don’t recommend that. The medium size I went with did have one downside: I lost a lot of bacon flavour because there was so much more pancake to bacon in the ratio (though I could definitely still get some salty goodness), I would definitely suggest going thinner than I did in this attempt. Probably not more than a half an inch (optimally) on each side of the bacon. Next time I’m going to use something that will pour more evenly than doing it right out of the mixing bowl to try and get more control over the size because its definitely necessary!

BP - Meal with DrinkWith my bacon pancakes piled up and cooked, my eggs sitting there in over-easy perfection, my english muffins buttered and waiting, and those glorious strawberries calling my name… it was time to chow down!

I’m super proud of myself for the eggs, honestly, I’ve been mad at myself for months for not being able to get them right now that I have an electric stove again, not a gas one like I did in Chicago. That aside, I was very happy with my first attempt at Bacon Pancakes! There are definitely things I’d change about the way I did them, but all in all they came out awesome and I will definitely be cooking them again with said suggested amendments.

Over All Score: 3/5 on this attempt, 5/5 on the idea over all

Pros: Less messy, great flavour profile, no syrup getting all over my yummy eggs and soggying up my english muffins.

Cons: Hard to pour the batter, floppy bacon.

Things I’d Change:

  • Use something that makes batter control easier (perhaps a laddle or a measuring cup with a little spout).
  • Invest in a griddle because I’m pretty sure that would solve my grease-making-too-many-extra-bubbles issue.
  • Keep the size to not much more than a half an inch wider than the bacon itself to keep optimal bacon to pancake taste ratio.
  • Not get so distracted by the Pokemon I was watching in the background because I found out they put it on Netflix because I probably would have had better results with flippage if I cut down on the ADD a bit.
  • Increase 1/4th a cup of syrup to 2/3rds a cup to increase syrupy taste from subtle to more powerful. I might personally just go straight for a half a cup next time because I really love maple.
  • Perhaps use a maple version of bacon to help in that maple flavour increase.

Experimental Things I’d Keep:

  • Cooking the bacon slightly before dousing it in batter. I don’t see this suggested on any other recipes, but I definitely recommend it.
  • Not using the ‘Complete/Just Add Water’ versions of batter because they tend to be runnier than the original versions.
  • Definitely adding the syrup right into the batter, such a good trick to figure out!
  • Adding only 1/4th a cup of syrup if you want a subtle maple flavour.
  • Using my wider spatula to help counteract the weight of the bacon in the batter.

I’ve liked this whole writing about my cooking experiment experience! I think you’ll definitely be seeing more of my culinary adventures around here! 🙂

BP - Meal without DrinkBP - Meal Close Up

[ HD Color Trio – January 29th, 2014 ]

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ImageI originally was going to have this post go up on Sunday but I decided to space everything out a bit for practicality’s sake and… well because I’ve got an awful cold. Said cold only makes me miss the warmth and comfort of Florida even more – where most of these pictures were taken while I was bored without my life line (the internet, obviously) in my Dad and Nana’s new condo.

I got my HD Color Trio from Influenster in ‘Longbeach Sands’ and I was pretty stoked about it – as a green eyed lady I am a fan of browns since they usually make my eyes pop quite nicely! I had an occasion (going out with my Mom to St. Augustine – which I’ll be posting about this weekend, along with other Florida shenanigans!) to finally justify wearing eyeshadow and took the opportunity to give the kit a try!

Unfortunately I didn’t have my DSLR at the time so I wasn’t able to get the best pictures, but given the subtlety of the eyeshadow I don’t think it would have made an incredible amount of difference.

Image That’s me all fresh faced with only a bit of foundation on because a smart lady knows her mascara comes after her eyeshadow! Least you want black streaks under your eyes. As a side note, my eyebrows look so much better here than in that far back picture I opened my last post with, which makes me feel much more secure in posting photos of myself – but either way, moving on to the application! So there’s three steps with the HD Color Trio from NYC New York Color: eyelid, crease, and highlighter – I suggest you apply them in that order, even though the packaging makes that not entirely clear.

Image  Here you can see why I have a bit of an issue with calling this colour trio a ‘smokey eye’ – its just not smokey, it just doesn’t get that effect. It is a nicely blended trio of colours that can really highlight one’s eyes – but without a real colour punch to make your eyes pop, its just pretty much well applied and blended normal eyeshadow, coincidentally that’s more my style anyway so this is anything but a downside to me, it just means I’ll actually continue to use this product even after the Jolly VoxBox is over!

ImageHere is my completed look for the night – the Rimmel ShowOff Lip Lacquer I also got from my VoxBox made a nice companion to my very nude look for the night, perfect for strolling around the still-lit-up streets of old St. Augustine with my Mom and enjoying some damn good seafood and the best Jameson Bread Pudding I’ve ever had!

Got it from Influenster Badge

[ Big Bold Gloss – November 8th, 2013 ]

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ImageWell hello there lovelies! I know, I know, I said I was going to write this last weekend – but you’d get behind too if you had three 20 page papers to write where you actually had to (gasp) collect data from your own sources. Graduate school sort of sucks, or maybe its just al of these theory classes that are killing my brain. Yeah, definitely the theory. Why can’t I just do skeletal analysis and talk about Human Evo and be left happy and content? Oh well, its all part of the process and its allowing me to get the opportunity to do what I love – and that’s what matters.

Todays blog is all about NYC’s Big Bold Gloss, which I received in my lovely Varsity VoxBox from Influenster. Now, being a rather long haired lady I haven’t been known to wear a lot of gloss – if only because its maddeningly annoying when it get stuck in your hair every time theres a minute amount of wind (of which there tends to be a lot of in Chicago… and even in Albany!).

Photo on 10-30-13 at 11.29 PM #2The Product

Brand: NYC New York Colour

Item: Big Bold Gloss

Item Type: Plumping Shine Lip Gloss

Colour: Pleasantly Plump Pink

The Trials

So I had said previously I liked this gloss from first impression – not much has changed there so this post will be more about trying to wear it in different ways! I’m going to try three different looks to show off this gloss’ viability across different styles, to see if its really worth its weight in sparkling shine! First, a natural look where the only thing really meant to look ‘made up’ are my lips. Next, I’ll do a pretty basic daytime or first date look – gloss, complimentary eye shadow, and that’s about it! Lastly, I’m going to try for a more dramatic girls night out type of look where I pull out all the stops!

Photo on 11-8-13 at 2.22 PMAu-Natural

I wanted to see how the gloss would look without anything else to tie it into a look – just something to pep up the every day to make it a little more special! I didn’t even put foundation on before taking these photos – though there might be a little left over mascara from last night (cough).

Pros: Adds some sparkle and shine – a nice transition to go from that terribly early morning class to coffee with the girls or a nice casual lunch date.

Cons: I’m not a fan of this colour as a stand alone, but that’s more personal for my skin tone – I’d like it much better in one of the more red shades, it just seems a bit lacking in the pink.

The Rosy Daytime

Photo on 11-8-13 at 3.00 PMFoundation: Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline, Mineral Power by Maybelline

Mascara: Mega Plush by Maybelline

Eyeshadow: HIP Duo in Rascal by L’Oreal

Gloss: NYC Big Bold Gloss in Pleasantly Plump Pink

So for this look I wanted to keep it simple, light colours and nothing too bold as to be inappropriate for work, an internship, an interview, or anything else you might do during the day time.

Pros: I love the way a nice pink eye shadow brings out the gloss – it really gives it a nice rounded look when it comes to a stylish way to wear this Big Bold Gloss.

Cons: Something about this colour pallet makes me feel too young, like 18 year old Freshman going to her Psych 101 class in the afternoon young. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does provide limits in marketability to a wider range of buyers.

Photo on 11-8-13 at 3.20 PMThe Night Owl

Foundation: Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline, Mineral Power by Maybelline

Mascara: Mega Plush by Maybelline


Eyeshadow: HIP Duo in Rascal by L’Oreal

Eyeliner: E.l.f. Kohl Eyeliner

Gloss: NYC Big Bold Gloss in Pleasantly Plump Pink

This is a much bolder, darker look than I usually go for (I’m a lipstick loving lady and with keeping balance in mind, I usually go for big, bold lips and more subtle eyes) but its my favourite of the three with this gloss.

Pros: The gloss is a really nice balance with a dark smokey style eye. I would definitely wear this if I was in the mood for a dark eye look over favouring lipstick.

Cons: If I’m wearing this type of make-up I’m hoping for something that I won’t have to put back on every few sips of a drink out with my friends or a date – gloss just doesn’t have the staying power a lot of lipsticks do, in reality though, this is a fairly minor inconvenience. This is another con that I think could be solved by investing in one of their more reddish hues from this line of products.

Final Verdict

I’m definitely a fan of this gloss. Its definitely not overly sticky, which is a huge perk, and the variety of colors means more of my concerns (staying power with such a light colour, looking weird by itself with my skin tone) can be easily solved by taking the lovely coupon I got and investing in another colour.

VVB - Big Bold NYC - Blog 1

Got it from Influenster Badge

[ Varsity VoxBox – October 19th, 2013 ]

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ImageThis is my warrior-angry face at feeling like such crap for the last two weeks. I’ve been a horrible blogger again! But its time to crack open a pumpkin beer, make myself some popcorn, enjoy being comfy and curled up in a plush blanket with some super soft yoga pants on and push myself into writing mode. So here we go – Influenster VoxBox number 2! The Varsity VoxBox has a lot of great products in it for your average University student – now, I know, I know I’m a grad student now – but I’d like to think not enough has changed in the last 6 months to make my opinion redundant!


ImageInfluenster Varsity VoxBox Contents:

Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash: $6.49

Airheads Xtremes Bites: $1.69

Kiss Nail Dress: $6.99

NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss: $3.99

Tide Pods: (about) $0.50-$0.75 per pod


ImageClearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash

“Delight your senses NEW Superfruit cleansers fro Clearasil Daily Clear. Formulated with a blend of Superfruit Extracts, Vitamin B3, and blemish prevention for radiant skin day after day.”

I used this the first night I got it. Paired with my usual Clearasil face pads to remove my make-up, I was really pleased with the results! My skin felt soft and smooth – not dried out. After using the pads first to get the majority of my make-up off I was shocked to see that when I did a ‘test’ afterwards with some Lush products – nothing came off in a secondary wash! My paper towel that I used with my usualy post-pads Lush regime (9-to-5 cleanser plus Breath of Fresh Air toner) was completely clean, no more make-up came off in a second cleaning. This was an amazing thing, when I was just using the pads and no wash between my removal and my cleansers I was still getting a good amount of make-up off on these other steps. I can’t have praise enough for a product that lets me use only two steps instead of 3!

I will admit though, I think I’ll still be using the Lush products after the Clearasil products just for a bigger punch-packing before-bed clean. I think adding this wash will really push my skin regime up to a new height. Now if I could just find a good moisturizer that I can really stick with… I think I’d be all set!

First Try Rating: 4.5/5

Pros: thorough wash, super clean feeling

Cons: where is this ‘superfruit’ smell?


ImageAirheads Xtremes Bites

“New Airheads Xtremes Bites are the perfect balance of sweet and sour, just like the Airheads Xtremes belts. These rainbow berry bite sized pieces are easy to eat and perfect for sharing with others. Rainbowberry Airheads Xtremes Bites are availabile in a 6oz peg bag.”

Now, I love candy, but due to some unfortunately susceptible dentition I can’t eat a lot of it – so these types of candies are really perfect for me! Its nice to have just 2-4 pieces and quash that craving for something sweet (and sour!) and not risk my normal 10 cavities in the process. I actually wish these came in a smaller sized package as well – something more “one serving” sized so that I could carry them around with me – the 6oz sized bag is actually a bit big for a purse.

ImageFirst Try Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: small size, don’t go ‘bad’ so you can eat through the bag slowly, good flavor, not too chewy

Cons: should come in different bag sizes for portability and easier snacking


ImageKiss Nail Dress

“Give yourself the perfect manicure or pedicure in no time with Kiss Nail Dress. Quick and easy to apply, these strips stick on in minutes and come right off with no remover needed! Your manicure will last a week, chip free – available at Walgreens.” (Also available at many other places, like Target and CVS.)

I wasn’t excited about the package I got because it, well, I couldn’t have gotten a style of Nail Dress that was “less me” in terms of my personal style. I pushed through this fact though because there are so many other styles that if I found that they were of good quality – I’d be totally okay with trying.n Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good experience. First, the sizes included are clunky and I loathe the fact that it comes with -2 nails short- of two applications. Really, guys? You had to package -38- applications not 40? Meaning you couldn’t even give yourself a full matching mani-pedi if you wanted. It just seemed frustrating to me.

ImageThen we have the quality. Because of the rhinestones these were really awkward to place and keep smooth, let alone to file off like you’re suppose to be able to to remove excess. It goes without saying that the “chip free” for a week thing is completely not true – I had visible chips within 6 hours of just sitting on my computer and playing xBox. I was incredibly disappointed with this product. I liked the fact that it made fancy things so easy – but I’d move on to trying Essie’s version (which are less club-kid-gaudy anyway), I would not use Kiss’s version again.

First Try Rating: 1/5

Pros: quick application, no dry time

Cons: misleading claims, chips easily, gaudy, rhinestones come off and are impractical, bad quality


ImageNYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss

“Have you always dreamed of the full, plump lips? Get voluminous lips in one effortless stroke with NYC’s Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss! This sultry gloss adds up to 50% more volume and four hours of shine for lasting wear!”

Now, I was skeptical about whether or not I’d even be able to keep this product on because I’m a balm or stick girl all the way. If you try and separate me from my MAC or Bobbi Brown lipsticks I can and will have a nervous breakdown. I haven’t really worn gloss since high school – but I liked the soft pink colour I got so I was happy to try it anyway! 

ImageWhile it was a bit stick for a girl with long swooshing hair like myself, I couldn’t help but like this gloss. It left my lips feeling soft after I took it off and it was easy to take off (a big plus with a gloss). I like the colour, it was shiny but not obnoxiously so (good for a New Years outfit where you may not see a mirror for hours to fix that lipstick!). I didn’t see much plumping, but perhaps for a girl with thinner lips this may be more obvious.

ImageFirst Try Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: good colours, not too shiny, not too sticky, easy removal

Cons: didn’t see the plumping action



ImageTide Pods

“Tide Pods is the only unique 3 in 1 Detergent that contains a Detergent + Stain Fighter + Brightener all in one small pac. All you need to do is pop in 1 Tide Pod pac to clean any size load. It can be used in any washing maschine and dissolves in any temperature – even in cold!”

I haven’t had a chance to use my 1-pod-sample yet (sad, I wish it was more than 1 pod, I honestly probably won’t be able to tell a huge difference from one wash since I already use a Tide + brightener) but I can speak on the convenience at least! If these turn out to be a well-made good-cleaning product I would definitely think of switching to them. Right now I have to carry down two jugs and a box of softening sheets – it would be much easier for me to pop a pod, a sheet, and the required quarters into my pocket and just go instead of trying to manage a balancing act as I walk around my building to where our laundry room is.

I’ll bring a more concise opinion about the Tide Pods after I do my next Clearasil blog post – pictures of my skin before and after included!



[ Colgate VoxBox Challenge Day 1 – September 17th, 2013 ]

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ImageI know, I know. I said I would be blogging again – and again I took forever to get to it! But now that school has settled and I’m finally in a routine with work, my internship, and the gruesome world that is academia – I can finally get back to writing! Step one? My first ever Influenster VoxBox!  Coincidentally my first VoxBox is all about oral hygiene – and dental anthropology is precisely what I want to do for my MA thesis, I took this as a sign that ya know what – I should get back to blogging, its a sign from the Blog Gods, they want my eclectic self back on the search results.

ImageI’ll admit (which is pretty hard, its not something that’s exactly fun to be open about) – my oral hygiene habits haven’t always been the best, it doesn’t help that I have almost no flouride naturally on my teeth and I get cavities even when I take good care of them. I’m just that unlucky person who wasn’t blessed by the Divine of Dentition. This is really the perfect type of challenge for me! Not only can I get some better habits out of it – but maybe I can find a new routine to make my not-so-pearly-whites pearly-whites again! I received my VoxBox yesterday – in it was a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash! It even came in a lovely little box.

ImageHere is a horribly embarrassing close up of my teeth right now – it wouldn’t be a real challenge if I didn’t show proper progression over the test period! I’m going to post a new picture every Tuesday for the next month. We’ll see the real power of Colgate soon!





Tooth Brush

Colgate SlimSoft

“17x slimmer tip bristles for a deeper clean.”




Colgate Total Advanced – Whitening

Mouth Wash

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield 

“12hr Protection Against Germs”



ImageFirst Opinion: I coupled the three products I was sent with my usual dental pick (I’m not a big fan of traditional floss, the picks are so much easier to use and much more versatile!). The toothbrush felt amazing! I usually use harder bristles because I’ve always felt like they cleaned better, but the higher concentration of softer bristles was just amazing. I honestly can’t sing the praises of the toothbrush itself enough. It was awesome, they didn’t irritate my gums, it fit in my mouth better – so far 5 starts for the toothbrush!

ImageI did like the toothpaste, but I had used Colgate Total before and it has a pretty standard taste as far as toothpaste goes. We’ll really see how the toothpaste rates when I’ve been using it with the SlimSoft for at least a few days – hopefully the whitening pays off! I tried the mouth wash as well (and will continue to try and force myself to use it, at least until I’ve used up the little bottle). I can’t say I’m at all a fan of the flavour – it was just way too overpowering. For something to be so extremely minty after having just brushed my teeth. The mouthwash would be okay by itself, but when they made it they should have considered the fact that people would be using it immediately after another quite minty product.

So as we stand I’m pretty excited to try this! I think having a sample and some goals will help me develop some better morning and before-bed habits when it comes to my teeth.




[ Bonjour! – April 10th, 2012 ]

April 10, 2012 Comments Off on [ Bonjour! – April 10th, 2012 ]

Bonjour! Things are starting to get quiet busy again, school has really started to get going.

My proposals for my Archaeology and Ethnographic research projects are both due within the next week and I still have yet to find a proper book to do my Forensic paper on! Sculpture is going well, brilliantly so really. Instead of doing the regular course because of my issues with weariness and what not me and Susy decided on me doing it as a sort of independent study where I can work on my own time when I’m feeling well and I get to work souly with clay! Instead of working with plaster which is a huge boon to me, I’ve missed working with clay so much – I really do love it. I only wish we had a kiln so I could permanent my projects (especially this first one, my Dad would really love it). French is… well its going. Language has never been my strong point and going back to studying a language when I’ve barely spoken it in a year is proving to be just as tough as I thought it would be.

I’m most excited about the little changes I’ve made in my apartment. Its funny how a few cheap little wooden items for my kitchen and rearranging my living room have given it a fresh new look! I’m about 70% done with all the rearranging and major spring cleaning (two years of school papers and random junk mail really adds up after awhile, and apparently I had a whole section of my cabinet just full of grocery bags, apparently I am a hoarder of the useless and mundane!). I’ve already snapped some photos to show off the changes once I’m done. I’m trying to ‘adult’ up the place. Getting rid of shoddy little plastic items and putting my beloved stuffed panda collection into storage, getting rid of cruddy looking candles and all the little other odds and ends that have cluttered up the place over the last two years. Oh and finally – FINALLY, once my Dad pays me back some money I’m getting a real couch, not the awful, cheap, uncomfortable Ikea one I’ve had for over 3 years now – a real couch that I can actually sit and relax on and not feel miserable about 30 minutes in.

Next weeks Tuesday post’ll be all about my apartment and revamping it so I’m pretty stoked to write that entry needless to say, as well as my next two Friday posts! This Friday is going to be about my latest freebie snag from JewelMint (I love sites that give away free credit for promoting to your friends and stuff, its the only way I’ve been able to treat myself to these little jewlery purchases, free stuff ahoy!) and the following week is gonna be a review of this new skin care/cleansing/mask set I got at Target on a whim to try and clear up how awful stress has turned my skin lately.

Just a heads up, my posts will probably continue to be quite late in the day posted for the next few weeks as I’m coming off of Lyric for my Fibromylagia and hopefully going on to another mode of treatment because it made me feel all woosh and spacey even 6 weeks in when initial side effects should have been gone – so needless to say my body is all sorts of out of whack as is my sleeping pattern!

Au Revoir!
Until Friday!

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