[ A little bit of Retro – March 30th, 2012 ]

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Thankfully, I have really good friends who have really great taste and make my Fashion Friday posts ridiculously easy.

Unthankfully I can not find my sunglasses at the moment and my lazy self is taking one of my only Fridays off this quarter as a day of rest and relaxation so you don’t get many photos of me or my sunnies specifically.

Retro has been a big thing for a few years now, but I never got into the trend of out-there or super trendy sunglasses until I received these lookers from my bestie, Zarah (zarahlee.tumblr.com). Typically I was either a simple, big and black or aviator style of shades girl but these have been the only pair to grace my face since I first opened our customary belated Christmas exchange.

The great thing about Retro shades is the diversity. You don’t have to dress retro to wear these or other smashing sunnies. You can dress edgy, feminine, retro, biker, relaxed – really the ideas are endless. Personally I wear them every day but my favourite outfits to pair them with thus far have been: an oversized bilowy, black button-up with panneled leggings, and ankle boots & a simple coral shirt with a high-waisted circle skirt and my favourite oxford heels.

Another awesome thing about Retro shades right now is, like this pair from ModCloth, they aren’t one-dimensional and just your traditional turtle shell any more! They come in patterns, pleasers, and most importantly pastels. Now I’ve never been a huge pastels girl but I’ve been won over by the mints, corals, pinks, and nudes of this and last year – they’ve made me a convert and I’m loving it.

Shades – Primark
Blouse – Primark
Bracelet – JewelMint
Rings – (Bottom) Marc by Marc Jacobs (Top) Forever21
Nail Polish – Color So Hot it Berns, OPI
iPhone case – Otter (buy one and buy one now, they are phone savers)


[ button-up baby – 07.04.11 ]

July 4, 2011 Comments Off on [ button-up baby – 07.04.11 ]

We’re in the midst of the hottest time of the year, and that doesn’t leave a lot of options of how to spice up an outfit and not be boiling in it! So the question is… how does one spice up their typical shirt and shorts summer routine? As with many things in fashion, the solution is a lot more simple and easy than you would think!

Continue reading this advice over here at CollegeFashionista!

[ light ray – 06.01.11 ]

June 1, 2011 Comments Off on [ light ray – 06.01.11 ]

As promised! Here’s a sneak peak at Amy’s article from the RayBan shoot and a link over to the rest of it!

“Last Thursday I gave you a sneak peak at my newest sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. Like a true Fashionista, I rarely travel without sunglasses and am always looking for a unique new pair. Ray-Ban has created a collection Ray-Ban Light Ray that utilizes cutting edge technology to protect your eyes from harmful sun, while still maintaining a look that is aesthetically pleasing. The material used for the Light Ray glasses is hypoallergenic, durable, flexible and incredibly lightweight- perfect for trendsetters who tend to drop their sunnies often, like myself.”

-Amy Levin, continued over at CollegeFashionista.

[ preview – 05.29.11 ]

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

This will probably be the shorest blog update I ever do, but I just wanted to make sure I touched base this week and didn’t let everything get the better of me once again!

Me, Jose (another Guru over at CF), and Amy (our lovely editor and fouder)  had a shoot on Wednesday for Ray-Ban’s newest line of sunglasses that’re being released via The Sunglass Hut, The Light Ray, they have inter-changeable lenses and are actually rather nice (though admittedly I’m really only a fan of Ray-Ban aviators because only the classic big wayfarers suit me and I can never find them!). I’m really excited about how all the photos came out! Amy shot me and Jose in them around the Art Institute and then I took a bunch of photos of Amy rockin’ them on these fantastic marble stairs downtown just south of the Bean.

The official post isn’t up yet, but the teaser post is! So head over here to College Fashionista to see whats been keeping me busy and off the internet this week!

PS. Not a ginger again! The retoning of my hair just came out a little darker than expected! Unfortunately now it has faded again to a gross dish-water brown/blonde/pinnk weird colour and I am quite in a pouty mood about it, I think its time to go back to silver blonde for me!

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