[ take two – 06.06.11 ]

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As you can all see, my name is Hanna Marie. I’ve been a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista since the winter of 2010/11 and I couldn’t be happier about being back for the summer term! I’ll still be located in Chicago all summer, despite it being break and what not, but look out for some random Florida style advice from your favorite (duh) transplant! Hopefully I can work some great Chicago-style street festival style in as well!

See the rest of my second Style Guru Bio over here at CollegeFashionista.


[ shortie – 3.16.11 ]

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I ended up finding out I needed blood work on Friday and got it done very spur of the moment. It’s the first time I’ve had blood work done and not had a major meltdown and not been able to do it. I have a really bad fear of sharp things entering my body, I’ve always had an issue getting shots or blood work so I was incredibly thankful it went off without any drama this time. I think it’s mostly because it was a last minute thing and I didn’t have a few days to stress out about it. I’m glad I’m starting to get all this medical stuff handled though, it’s gone on much too long. I was glad for a mostly relaxing weekend where I could just hang around and do a face mask and paint my nails and just take it easy while I wrote my final papers and studied for my exam in French. It was a much needed breather to get me through finals week.

I’ve been really trying to up my skin care regime. I’ve been using a toner in the mornings and at night and I just invested in this awesome feeling gel-creme moisturizer to use along with the toner as well. I know I’m far from old but I’m at the age where most people neglect their skin and then pay for it in 10-15 years. I do not want to be one of those people so I’m going to try and be more proactive about it!

Now that my quarter from hell is over I’m going to writing about more and taking more photos and especially talking more about fashion and music, which is what I meant to be writing about all along but with how hectic everything has been it’s been honestly hard for me to keep up with album releases and fashion.

I’ve never been so excited to go back to Florida. I have to do some major thrifting and shopping to try and find some pants and a shirt or two for the first shoot I’m ever going to style (SO EXCITED). I lucked out and someone I met a bit ago that does make-up and hair is really throwing me a great opportunity to start working on my styling book. Even if it’s going to put me out some money at first it’s going to be 150% worth it. He wanted to do a mix of street style and typical Japanese theme so I suggested doing the clothing ala Adam Levine at the Grammy’s this year with traditional inspired make-up and he seemed really into the idea. I’m also really excited because I’m reshooting some stuff for my Marie Antoinette inspired final because I got an extension since I can’t be in the dark room right now, which I appreciate more than I could put into words to my professor. I’m also going to be sitting for my friend Shannon’s portrait project and seeing Sabrina for the first time in almost 2 years. It’s going to be a really nice and relaxing Spring Break, which is exactly what I need right now.

Another short and sweet update. I’m going to make a major photo update on here this weekend about my drive down from Chicago to Daytona! So I hope everyone has a nice rest of the week!

PS. More exciting news will come after some financial stuff is discussed 🙂

[ the final round – 3.10.11 ]

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Just a short little update before I go into the questions portion! I thankfully was able to snag some really understanding teachers and a doctors appointment tomorrow morning. This is a huge stress relief on me, which in turn will be good to help me get over this bad bout with my dizziness.

On a more positive note I popped by the DePaul Music & Entertainment Career Fair today! I left my resume with Empty Bottle, Lincoln Hall/Schubas, Ford Models, Ravina Festivals, as well as this event/photography company Cage & Aquarium I’d never heard of but seemed really interesting. Both Empty Bottle and Lincoln Hall seemed really interested in me! Lincoln Hall told me I’d be one of the top candidates for summer, even though they were looking for people more immediately when they do round two in May I’d still be in the pile. The people from Empty Bottle told me to contact then in a week or so and just mention we’d met and such. I’m hoping just one of these things pans out into a good summer internship. I’d honestly prefer the one with Ford Models but they had interns doing the fair so I didn’t really know how to make a good impression since it’s not like they’re doing anything but turning the resumes over to the bosses. I really feel like regardless, I will at least get offered one internship for the summer which is all I need

My Nana sent me some money for Valentine’s Day which was completely unexpected so I used it to do a little splurging on some stuff for spring! My first two purchases were a Le Mer watch (on sale for $35!) that I’ve wanted forever and finally went on sale and this gorgeous ring from Akira. I’m going to save the rest of what is left to shop in Florida since the tax is 4% less there, not much of a savings but enough to matter! It’s really ridiculous how much 4% can add up over time. I mean 4% of my monthly budget is more than I budget for a day!

I have a few staples on my list. I need to get at least another two skirts and 3 blouses for internships appropriate wear, but I want them to be very spring so I’m hoping to find a pleasant medium between the two; which with all of the soft billowy clothes that are in for spring I’m confident I’ll be able to pull off! I need to get a new pair of flat sandals as well as my sneakers and summer sandals both died last August and are in need of replacing now. Hopefully I can do this with the little bit of a budget I have left. I’ll have a bit more extra money too from being in Florida and mooching off of my parents for 6 days but that’s mostly going towards paying school stuff I put on my credit card off.  I can’t believe school is already over for the quarter! I only have one final left and a paper left despite the fact that next week is technically finals week. And really it’s only half a final as the oral portion of my French final was done today (and I passed!!!).

That went on much longer than intended! Now on to the questions… There were a few more but they were repetitive so I left them out.

ASKED BY: talkingstove

  • What is your daily beauty routine? It sort of varies! I always use Dream Matte Mousse as  my foundation and always use two layers of mascara for optimal lashes (Lash Blast by Cover Girl and Professional Super Thick Lash, also by Cover Girl). On some days I also wear Prestige eyeliner but since they no longer make mine I suppose that will end soon 😦 On days of particularly bad skin or when my foundation needs matteing out I also add a bit of Maybelline mineral powder over my foundation. My skin care routine normally revolves around zero make-up worn at home and nightly removal using Neutrogena pads. I try and do a face mask 2-3 times a week (normally either BB Seaweed or Love Lettuce). I’ve recently gotten into using toner (made from a steaming face fizzy thing from Lush) and am going to start using moisturizer as well because I’ve noticed my skin has been quite dry lately.
  • What is the best advice you have been told? I don’t really know that I’ve ever been given ‘best advice’. The most recently really good advice I received was from a visitor to SPACE who was speaking to the interns. He works at A-Squared Management and told us that it’s better to spend 2 years looking for a job that you’re passionate about than to take some crap job you don’t believe in and might very well get stuck in.
  • What song represents where you are in life right now? Such a hard question! I’d say it’s got to be between Louder Than Ever by Cold War Kids and even though I’m single the lyrics to Cold Desert by Kings of Leon will always stick with me.

ASKED BY: zarahlee

  • talk about your insane luv for me…: BUT I REALLY DO LOVE.
  • or maybe your study abroad prospects would be more appropriate: I’m suppose to find out by the 15th! But in the interview they said they might push back the date a little because they pushed back the application deadlines because of some technical issues. I did a lot of research on Harrow and stuff and I’m getting more and more excited about going! I may or may not have also looked into Westminter’s Photojournalism MA program…

ASKED BY: foodvacuum

  • Why the streets are hope-killin’? Because they hungray.

ASKED BY: anonymous

  • How is your sex life? I admire your spunk anon. But there is no Topless Tuesday on this blog, or will there be discussion of things I do with any of my other lady bits.

ASKED BY: anathema

  • What do you think of Depaul? I’m a prospective student and I could always use personal opinions. I love it! It’s especially good if you’re looking to double major or major and double minor or anything like that. I’ve only had one teacher I would consider bad and the other ones that I wouldn’t recommend were all tenure track typical stuck up pricks… which you’ll run into at ANY school. My only complaint is the small amount of space and money they give the art department. It’s really pathetic compared especially to how much the give CDM and Communications.
  • What are your favorite places to shop in the city? Any secret spots? I don’t really have any secret spots… I love Akira and Buffalo Exchange and Crossroad Tradings are great for second hand stuff. There’s a few ace little stores in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park but it’s more about finding things that interest you! I suggest really just exploring and finding places for yourself 🙂

[ snakeskin – 3.04.11 ]

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I’m not happy at all with the way my prints came out for my last two photography projects. Only the Anna Wintour photo turned out as well as I’d hoped. The lighting for the Satine photos just didn’t present as well on film as on digital and my famous portrait film was ruined by some rather rude classmates so there was really very little I could do to fix it beyond just making it print able. I’m not very happy with a lot of the far back shots for my final on film either. If there was one thing I really needed to work on with my photography it is definitely being better at making the transition between film and digital. I’ve almost got it, I just feel like often I get to about 98% and never quite reach 100%. I’m really excited to be going back to digital next quarter for Advanced Photo, we have the option of doing film or digital (there is also ‘advanced digital photo’ but they elected to make the hybrid class the required advanced level class because some people, like me, elect to focus on film in school). I’m also stoked because I’m taking Professor Denlinger again and he is by far my favourite teacher I’ve had at DePaul.

I feel really great about the modeling I did for Stacy’s project though! Even though her large format film was also ruined by said rude other student it gave the photo of me as Edie Sedgewick a really interesting quality that kinda works and reminded us both of Andy Warhol’s films, of how rough they were.

I’m so ready for this quarter to be over so I can go back to having a life. Next quarter is going to be so relaxing comparatively to this one. It’s going to be ridiculous! And I mean that in the absolutely best way possible.

Speaking of which, I’ve been out of tea for almost two weeks and it’s killing me. We have a specialty tea store downtown called Tea Gschwendner and I can’t even lie about it… it is legitimately the best thing since sliced bread. They have the most amazing an interesting selection and the flavours are so dead on! Last time I got Baked Apple Pie, Marzipan, and just a plain Chai. I’m definitely getting the Marzipan and Indian Chai again but I want to pick a different fun flavour; I’m thinking something more floral since it’s spring and that was my special winter selection.

I just checked out two books for my March reading, a book on Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert that I’ve wanted to read for ages but was never not checked out called “We Two”. I also got a book on the Bielski brothers (the Belarussian Jews ‘Defiance’ is about) that tells their story and ISN’T the one the movie was based off of, I made sure to not just get ‘Defiance’ because I didn’t want the bias of having seen the movie before reading the book or anything like that. I’m really excited for my 5 days in Florida, I’m going to get to see so many people and it’s just going to be the perfect amount of relaxation, which is greatly needed in my life right now.

This is another terribly unexciting entry, but I promise come the end of this quarter things will get more regular and exciting around here!

[ mini – 1.30.11 ]

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So I did end up cutting my bangs back straight. I had a little bit of an issue though. I was cutting them and I sneezed and ended up slicing my nose open. This is why they look a bit wonky. After I sliced my nose open I was much too freaked out to finishing cutting them, thankfully I was most of the way done and am only missing a small amount of cutting on the right side of my face and some cleaning up in the middle. The fact that I was using a razor also resulted in them being a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I don’t think the shortness ended up being a bad thing! Just a new take on my regular old straight bangs. What I’ve taken out of this is… I need to invest in sheers and while I’ve layered my hair with a razor before, I will never attempt to do bangs with one again, ever, I just feel lucky I didn’t really do some damage to my nose or need stitches or have to go to the hospital.

Pardon how exhausted and tired I look in that photo. I hadn’t had a proper more than a few hours of rest or sleep in like 15 days at that point, and it’s definitely showing on my face here.

It was really nice to finally have a proper day off today. I normally plan it so I have either Saturday or Sunday off and Monday as a homework day (as well as the day I do my CollegeFashionista article). Today was spent sleeping in, walking Pickles (one of several nicknames Rupert will answer to), cleaning up my living room, and watching Inception.

I wasn’t very impressed with Inception but I wouldn’t complain about watching it again. I just have a very neutral opinion on it. I didn’t watch it by choice though, and that could have effected it. I had to watch it and then write up answers for 4 questions in response to it for my Film Philosophy class.

I also finally cleaned up a bit, I haven’t had the energy or the time to really properly clean my apartment since I started school since I’ve been so busy (not to mention dizzy). It’s so nice to have the pile of coats and sweaters off of my kitchen table and properly hung back up in the living room again. I also finally cleaned my bathroom, the floors were in dire need of scrubbing, so much that I assure you I don’t mind using up precious time of my only real day off in much too long to do so. Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish cleaning up once I finish my article and my homework. Tomorrow also means back to being busy! I have a load of homework I probably should have started on today (at least I did my Film Philosophy stuff!) but I know I’ll have time tomorrow and I felt I had deserved the relaxation much too much.

On top of Intro to PR and French homework I have to go to the Study Abroad department again because I’m still having issues with it not saving or submitting a lot of my information! I’m completely done with my application but I can’t submit it because nothing is saving! Very frustrating I assure you. At least it’s a distraction from figuring out where the hell I’m going to get $7,600 from.

Working at SPACE can be a little frustrating, but I know that’s just because I’m in a constant battle of needing to work on being more patient with people. I explained something 3 times to another intern and they still did it wrong (and they just kept standing around… doing nothing instead of ya know, taking a little initiative?) but that’s part of working in any industry, really it’s just part of being an adult and I really need to work on it. I need to be more patient or I know it’s not going to do me any good in the future when I actually am getting paid to work and need to keep a job for more than 3-6 months.

I have inserted the photo of vodka here just because it fit no where else and I thought it would be a little funny to insert it when talking about being a responsible adult, you know totally breaking down those typical college kid barriers, which I definitely feel like I do. I don’t serial date, I’m not out getting schwasted and fucking around on school and taking my drinking more seriously than my homework. I know way too many people who haven’t lived up to the potential I know they have because they just don’t care enough to actually apply themselves, and it’s really sad. I avoid this situation at all costs, but in return at least with myself I probably try and do too much at once. Actually, I know I try and do too much at once, and right now my body and health are paying for it. My fingers are crossed that it will be worth it in the end.

Anyways, back on topic. I had to write an on-the-fly article for CollegeFashionista this week because me and Amy agreed that the backgrounds of my last article and this one were too similar. Instead I took another new photo and will be writing my typical new article next week and the article I had originally written to go up tomorrow (or I suppose today by the time I finish writing this entry seeing as it’s 11:57) will be ‘submitted’ on the 7th to go live the 14th. It actually worked out for the best since my flight from Florida next weekend doesn’t land until 11am and I would have sort of been beyond pushed for time and running around like a chicken without it’s head trying to figure out where I was going to get an article from. Now I won’t have to worry about writing the article within like 4 hours of time after I’m back or writing it before I leave since I’ll already have it done. The new article going up definitely isn’t as good, but it’s still not disappointing! Just very… snowy?

Now that I have straight bangs back I’m itching to get back to having platinum hair… having the ombre was a nice change for a 2-3 months but come mid/late-February when I get my hair done next, I think I’m going to make my way back to platinum. I just feel like if I’m going to be blonde, I need to go all out. This nice little break for it has restored my passion for the platinum! I was going to go red come June/July but now that all hinges on if I go to England or not. I may actually keep this ombre until I know whether or not I’m going overseas or not. I love it but honestly half of the point was to darken my hair a little to give it a better base to go red in case I was going overseas, so when I was over in England I wouldn’t have to worry so much or spend money on getting my hair done so often (I can tone my own hair if it’s red, and I really only need my roots done once every 2.5/3 months instead of every 4-6 weeks when I’m platinum). So in all likelihood I’ll keep the ombre until mid-March when I hopefully get an answer about study abroad (cross your fingers for me everyone, please, there aren’t words strong enough to describe how badly I want to get accepted and go…)

Wow, this entry has gone on much longer than I originally anticipated for it to go on. I think it’s the relaxed feeling of the day and having been able to sleep in rubbing off on me. Now it’s actually legitimately almost February and it’s still blowing my mind how fast this year has gone. Is everyone keeping up with their resolutions? I didn’t make any this year because I never keep them, but I haven’t even started in on most of my goals yet and it’s frustrating! I’ve only started on the one to get accepted into Study Abroad haha. Hope everyone had a lovely week!

[ overcast – 1.26.11 ]

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It is 4:36 on an overcast, kinda gross though slightly warmer than it has been, Wednesday afternoon. The last Wednesday afternoon of the first month of 2011. It seems crazy to me that in 2 months I will be 1 class short of being a junior in college. This is only a big thing because it puts me a full quarter ahead of schedule since I’m taking 5 classes in spring as well. If all keeps up at this pace I’ll graduate on time in 4 years, even though I’m 5ish classes over a full 4 year load. I’m honestly so proud of myself.

Tuesday was a waste of time, I didn’t get anything reprinted that I should have and I couldn’t really participate in Public Relations because I felt like I was just going to fall over and we were doing some seminar style exercises that required moving about the room. I also left Film Philosophy early today because we were watching Inception and I just got so dizzy I couldn’t take it any more. I’m going to try watching it at home and help that not watching it on a theater size screen with surround sound will help (ie – watching it on my laptop instead). I wish I could take my medicine for it but it just knocks me out way too much. Fact of the matter is it’s going to keep popping up like this with the amount of stress I’m under and unfortunately either until my Mom (hopefully, fingers crossed) gets me on her insurance, or I acquire like $800 to get a new MRI referral AND the MRI, I’m kinda shit out of luck with doing anything to make it better besides just pushing through it, which has a tendency to make it worse sometimes. Oh well, I know it could be way worse, it’s just a real inconvenience when 2 of my classes (ie – watching movies and being in the darkroom) are really negatively affected by it.

I’m in a bit of a rut right now with my weekly CollegeFashoinista article, they asked me to reshoot and write a new article to run the one I had originally written for this week in a few weeks time and I just haven’t had the time. Thankfully I have that break between French and Photo tomorrow and I’m crossing my fingers that somewhere in that hour of free time I have I find someone (and the weather cooperates with outside photos!). Besides that I got a 10/11 on my first review with the head of the site (Amy) and my internship class professor (Bro. Mark) and I’m super excited about it! He told me that she said some really nice things and said I was a great and dedicated intern and it just absolutely made my day on Monday to find that out. It certainly cheered me up after finding out it’s going to cos me $7,600 extra outside of tuition and food for Fall if I get accepted for the London study abroad. I want to do it so badly but right now I don’t see a feasible way for me to be able to afford it. Hopefully if I get accepted I win some scholarships and figure out some way to pay for it by July.

Everything at SPACE has been going really well. There’s really not much to talk about at the moment. I did set up a blog for the interns to use and write (sort of like how I do here) about what it’s like to work there and in the industry and write some articles about upcoming shows and events we’re putting on to hopefully bring in some of the younger demographic to the venue. I’ve already sort of set into a typical lull with the way working at the venue goes, which I guess has it’s pluses and minuses. Either way I still value the experience a lot.

I’m gonna end out this post with asking everyone what they think I should do with my bangs! Plus I need to start writing a little bit more about things that people feel they should respond to, ya know promotion through people actually wanting to comment back or whatever. Either way….

Bring them back? Yes? No? Straight? Side? Opinions please!

[ how is it almost february – 1.18.11]

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I really can’t believe that it’s almost February. It’s so crazy that Columbia and some other schools either just started or aren’t starting until next week and I’m already half way through my third week of classes! This quarter is going by so fast, much faster than I appreciate because I feel as if I haven’t learned enough to be this far into the quarter. I mean if you think about it I’m only 2 weeks from midterms! I don’t want this quarter or next quarter to go by too quickly. I’m so content in my internships and 4/5 of my classes. French may be hard and a struggle for me but at least I have a good, understandable teacher. I’ve really lucked out that all but one of my teachers are quite good and I won’t go into the other as it is not in my nature to simply talk about people to complain about them when they’ve done nothing on purpose or maliciously.

I’m really excited about printing my first real project for Intermediate Photography. Brock was such a big help offering to model for me and letting me drag him around my apartment while my dog tried to hump him between photos. We had a really nice night of it, despite some drama with light bulbs exploding and batteries dying that sent us running to Target 20 minutes before it closed. He got me to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the first time and I definitely get why all of my friends love it so much now!

Working at SPACE has been incredible. If anything it’s the environment that totally makes it. The rest of the staff is great and friendly and has actually shown interest in getting to know who I am and is always helpful in explaining things thoroughly and completely the first time around instead of leaving me to run around like a chicken with my head cut off! Which is a problem I’ve had before with short lived or perspective internships so I greatly appreciate them actually doing what you should with an intern: teaching me useful things and how you want things done at/for your company. It really just makes me thing I’ve made the right choice about what I want to do with my life. Speaking of internships, I’m so excited about my next CollegeFashionista article (the one from this week about legwarmers was actually another one of SPACE’s interns Monica), it features an absolutely gorgeous girl in a very pretty coat.

I hope everyone has had a lovely January! I’m going to go settle down with a nice drink, my book, and the perfect play list and tuck in for the rest of the night since I don’t have to be up until noon on Wednesdays. Stay stylist loves!

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