[ Fight the Downpour – April 20th, 2012 ]

April 20, 2012 § 4 Comments

A nasty cold has me late once again! This rather gross weather outside doesn’t help to get one motivated either – but it can make for some good writing inspiration!

The Transitional

How is it one dresses in this disgusting weather? I find myself wanting to bust out my Spring fashionables and colours (those lovely purples and nudes and natural-stone tones I’m seeing everywhere make me die of happiness inside!) but its so nasty out this time of year that I find myself stuck with the b’s of Winter (that’s black, bronw, and bland by the by!). My Spring fashionables just don’t seem to live up to the test of this weather. Then I remembered something lovely about layering – there’s no problem with a little overlap of your winter staples into your spring wardrobe to weather-proof but keep it blooming!

First, a good pair of ankle boots is important for anyone who lives… well anywhere that isn’t near the Equator. They’re great for snow, rain, and can be worn during the summer to edgy up your favourite sundress. I suggest going for black always as it has the most versatility, but I myself have been eyeing some brown boots to add to my wardrobe since my black ones get so much use out of them.

Second, wraps and denim/flannel! Want to wear that cute nude tank top you bought when we got a glimpse of spring/summer weather that just POOF disappeared? Well wraps and overshirts are a must for any wardrobe, they’re great ‘transitional pieces’ things you can wear 80% of the year and you can throw over a cute dress or top if its a little chilly out. Wraps are great because, well we all know scarves in summer is a little taboo but on those days where it might get a bit chilly – they double up!

Lastly, a staple you should invest in during these Transitional times is jeans with some ‘pop’ to them. I know, I know how scene kid right? Wrong. I’ve always kinda had a thing against coloured denim – but I’m beginning to think that’s because they were neon back then. These new corals, purples, reds, and pastel denims? I’m kinda falling in love with them and they’re a great way to spice up any outfit!


[ tonal mastery – 09.26.11 ]

September 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well ladies and gents I’m finally in the UK! So bring it on all you lovelies at the University of Wesminster! I want to see all of your fantastic fashion.

I was lucky enough to stumble across this Fashionista on moving in day! In true fashion major style she couldn’t just throw on a simple pair of sweats and a shirt to move in; she had to be dressed at least nicely with a pound of accessories on (rings, my favourite and own personal demise!) I want to talk about tone mixing today; we’re told never brown and black, simply never! But I present you, yet again, with a falsehood!

Style On over at CollegeFashionista.co.uk!

[ take two – 06.06.11 ]

June 6, 2011 Comments Off on [ take two – 06.06.11 ]

As you can all see, my name is Hanna Marie. I’ve been a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista since the winter of 2010/11 and I couldn’t be happier about being back for the summer term! I’ll still be located in Chicago all summer, despite it being break and what not, but look out for some random Florida style advice from your favorite (duh) transplant! Hopefully I can work some great Chicago-style street festival style in as well!

See the rest of my second Style Guru Bio over here at CollegeFashionista.

[ preview – 05.29.11 ]

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

This will probably be the shorest blog update I ever do, but I just wanted to make sure I touched base this week and didn’t let everything get the better of me once again!

Me, Jose (another Guru over at CF), and Amy (our lovely editor and fouder)  had a shoot on Wednesday for Ray-Ban’s newest line of sunglasses that’re being released via The Sunglass Hut, The Light Ray, they have inter-changeable lenses and are actually rather nice (though admittedly I’m really only a fan of Ray-Ban aviators because only the classic big wayfarers suit me and I can never find them!). I’m really excited about how all the photos came out! Amy shot me and Jose in them around the Art Institute and then I took a bunch of photos of Amy rockin’ them on these fantastic marble stairs downtown just south of the Bean.

The official post isn’t up yet, but the teaser post is! So head over here to College Fashionista to see whats been keeping me busy and off the internet this week!

PS. Not a ginger again! The retoning of my hair just came out a little darker than expected! Unfortunately now it has faded again to a gross dish-water brown/blonde/pinnk weird colour and I am quite in a pouty mood about it, I think its time to go back to silver blonde for me!

[ style survival – 5.09.11 ]

May 9, 2011 Comments Off on [ style survival – 5.09.11 ]

It looks like spring may actually be here to stay… finally! The fashionistas around campus seem to be sticking to the fall and winter staples hough, instead of busting out the florals and corals the stone cold cololrs I wrote about last week, browns, and blacks are staying strong!

The lifestyle of a busy student during midterms week doesn’t always leave one with tine to be fashionable! Let alone get your hair and make-up perfect in the morning but this Fahionista didn’t let that get in her way! If finals and midterms have got you down let me give you my top three tips for style survival!

Style On over here…

[ natural instincts – 5.02.11 ]

May 2, 2011 Comments Off on [ natural instincts – 5.02.11 ]

We may be stuck in a slump here weather wise in Chicago, but I refuse to let it get to my writing or me! This week I had an extra hard time finding a fabulous Fashionista, not that I blame anyone at this point with how disgusting the weather has been treating us here. I almost missed out on this stylist lady when she walked by my car as I was parking, but luck decided to be on my side when I came across just in the quad after a bit of aimless wandering and grumbling over Uggs and sweatpants. There were so many things I could have written about this Fashionista’s outfit, her perfectly fitted blackshorts with tights, her gorgeous suede Miu Miu bag, the amazing set of rings she had on, I eventually had to settle on the most unique part of her outfit… all of the great animal accessories! No, no, I don’t mean elephant rings or Miu Miu eques patterning; I’m talking back to nature here everyone, feathers and fox tails!

Want to read the rest? Style on here!

[ stone cold shades – 4.25.11 ]

April 25, 2011 Comments Off on [ stone cold shades – 4.25.11 ]

Did you happen to look outside and ask yourself if you had mysteriously time traveled back to February? Well I assure you Fashoinistas, it is April and it is utterly depressing. I had sworn off writing about winter fashion weeks ago and I was in no mind to buckle under the pressure! I was successful enough to find a stylish student who wasn’t bundled up like she’d stepped into a time warp. To continue on my streak of how to make the Spring fashions work for you, here’s my ode to the neutral tone! I’m taking it a step past my favorite beige and nude colors and looking towards the other side of nature, sleek stones and gorgeous granites. This is another great spring trend that everyone can pull off as long as they go for complimentary tones for their skin as it looks smashing in many different types of garb!

Read the rest here!

PS. I am so sorry that I’ve been absent from the internet lately, there will be an update up here about it tomorrow and then things should return to normal!

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