[ Make an Impression – April 28th, 2012 ]

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Our first full day of digging and sifting and carrying and lugging had me a little more out of sorts then originally expected! In by that I mean I passed out as soon as I got out of my wonderful 40 minute long shower. So I apologize for this slightly late post!

Want to make an impression during an interview this Spring? You don’t have to stick to your traditional HBIC-Hilary Clinton approved pantsuits or business wear. Thanks to the current trends you can switch it up just enough to make an impression that’ll brighten your crayon among the options, but at the same time keep you appropriate.

Spring Interviews

For starters, I do suggest you stay more traditional with your shoes, black or nude pumps of some sort (close-toed) are going to be optimal. If you’re going for a Fashion-industry job you should feel free to switch this up (but not too much, you can make too much of a statement even in the Fashion industry – or alternatively come off as if you’re trying too hard, always stick with something that suits you and you’re comfortable in!), but in most industries – even if you can get away with switched-up tonal palette you want to at least keep the silhouette a bit traditional.

Jewelry should follow a similar design, while you can go a little more out-there with one, maybe two, standout pieces try not to overload yourself. I’m a big fan of lots of jewelry, but looking too cluttered can be distracting – you want to make an impression but you don’t want the interviewer to just be thinking about your shinnies when you leave – you want them thinking about you! I do fully endorse one or two standout pieces. For example, some complimenting and bold bangles with one great ring. It keeps it simple but can make you really stand out in a crowd.

Here is where you start to stand out from the pack. Instead of keeping with your traditional 3 B’s (browns, blacks, blahs!), mix it up a little in your tonal palette! Go with a pastel coral or pink pair of trousers – great for every day business-casual or for dressing up for something more formal! Pair your trousers with a cream or off-white button-up (I don’t really recommend stark white, ever, it can really flatten an outfit or look too harsh against other wise soft tones), if you aren’t planning on taking off your blazer or outerwear at any point I recommend making use of one of your nicer button-up tank tops, why? Well, no odd shapes under your blazer then! Nothing is more annoying then a button-up not fitting nicely under your sweater or blazer and making some wonky creases.

When picking a blazer to go along with your Spring-coloured outfit go with ‘ashier’ tones. I don’t want to say ‘cooler’ as that implies blues and greys and that’s not quite what we’re looking for! You’re looking for something that’s going to be a brown with pastelish tones to it. Something that gets away from being warm or neutral but doesn’t quite hit ‘cool’ tones. Confusing, I know, but you’ll know the colour when you see it! Anything too warm toned will clash with the rest of the outfit and anything too neutral risks flattening it out!

Last but not least, keep your nails and make-up simple! Stick with light lipsticks, basic eye make-up, little to no blush, and a nail polish that maybe has a little ‘pop’ but isn’t too bold – I again recommend pastels or neutrals!

The weather is finally suppose to feel more like Spring here in Chicago next week – so maybe I can go back to trying to do my own outfit posts! In the mean time check out HomeMint a new sister site to my lovely JewelMint that we all know I spend way too much time on (and got another free credit for – so another post is in the near future!)


[ Cabochon – April 13th, 2012 ]

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Now silly me, I wrote this post but Comcast is the worst company in existence and my internet has been so shoddy, slow, and constantly restarting the last few days wordpress just wouldn’t load properly to post it – utterly rude if you ask me (so was the first lady who yelled at me, called me a liar, oh and refused to transfer me when I kept having to repeat myself, I have a lot of respect for people who work tele-comm customer service because of the rude douche entitled people they have to deal with, but if I have to say the same sentence 6 times and I ask to speak with someone else, there is nothing unreasonable about that or cause for you to be snarky when I was polite, kthx).

I immediately fell in love with the Tiger Cabochon ring the second I saw it on the jewelmint homepage when I logged in – knowing I had a free credit and wanted to treat myself to something nice for getting through the first round of papers and tests for this quarter (is it still treating myself if it was 100% free?). I’m always a little skeptical to order rings from websites – because much like shoes or jeans they can fit differently in every single style and brand and there really is no one size fits all, heck even a size 7 heel can fit differently just from one being a stiletto and one being an oxford pump! But thankfully, the ring fits comfortably my middle finger – right where I wanted it (though noticeably a little wobbly on really cold days, but thankfully that’s not often enough for me to care and I’m still definitely glad I didn’t go a size down, the ring would be much too large to not look silly on my ring finger.)

I’ve never been big on the huge ring thing but this one sold me, it wasn’t gaudy, it wasn’t obnoxiously big, it wasn’t silly abouts of this-is-obviously-from-Urban-Outfitters-and-worth-1/3rd-what-I-paid or just clearly out of my price range so maybe it was bitterness, that’s right actually ya know what I think it was bitterness.

My favourite part of this piece is actually how well it goes with all of my turquoise jewlery. On my left hand I wear the same three rings everyday: a little $1.50 ring I got in Wales, a great cheap thrift store find, and my one splurge in Paris – the big turquoise sterling silver ring I wear on my pointer finger (the other two go on my ring finger to cover up my tattoo, which I need to get touched up and its really annoying to get asked all the time if I’m engaged – no I just don’t need a diamond to make me happy, I’ve already got one!) I was honestly worried I was investing (kinda?!) in another piece of jewlery that I wouldn’t be able to wear very often because it didn’t go with my daily essentials! (I’m STILL wearing my Prarie Rose necklace daily, its perfect for my Springtime colours and trends!)

This ring is another one of those fantastic jewelmint pieces that just goes with so much of my wardrobe it makes me squeal on the inside. I’ll admit though, I wasn’t really sold on this whole mint franchise when CollegeFashionista first got involved with it when it was fairly new, I hate things that you have to pay monthly for (fun fact: of all the jewlery I’ve received as of yet, I only payed for that Oscar’s grab bag because its one of those awesome sites where referrals earn you credit, ie – freebies).

That being said, I have to say, I fully back this company – a true rarity for me with anything that requires monthly service (ahem, looking at you Comcast) – if only because its also so simple (unlike on many sites) to go in and ‘skip’ a month, I only wish they let you fully remove a credit card once it was added on to the account, because you can only replace it with another one which I guess makes sense with the skip option, but I don’t currently have access to a credit card so its a little annoying I can’t remove my old one without putting up my debit card when my finances really can’t risk me forgetting to skip a month. I’m honestly not as sold on StyleMint (the Olsen shirts and sunglasses version) because honestly, I could get anything on there at Forever 21 or H&M for half the price and it’d probably last me just as long. I do wanna take a spin around BeautyMint though, I’m always looking for new Beauty products to fall in love with! And there really is no price you can put on having good, clear, healthy looking skin.

Plus, the pretty jewlery certainly doesn’t hurt! And theres so much variety, there truly is a bit of everything for everyone!

This post brought to you in part by the really dreadful lighting in my apartment, and how much I hate how those eco-friendly lightbulbs do not make for good photo taking. Oh also, the lighting in my apartment just sucks – which I will be rectifying as soon as I get a bit of return cha-ching from someone owing me with another glorious trip to Ikea.

[ Bonjour! – April 10th, 2012 ]

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Bonjour! Things are starting to get quiet busy again, school has really started to get going.

My proposals for my Archaeology and Ethnographic research projects are both due within the next week and I still have yet to find a proper book to do my Forensic paper on! Sculpture is going well, brilliantly so really. Instead of doing the regular course because of my issues with weariness and what not me and Susy decided on me doing it as a sort of independent study where I can work on my own time when I’m feeling well and I get to work souly with clay! Instead of working with plaster which is a huge boon to me, I’ve missed working with clay so much – I really do love it. I only wish we had a kiln so I could permanent my projects (especially this first one, my Dad would really love it). French is… well its going. Language has never been my strong point and going back to studying a language when I’ve barely spoken it in a year is proving to be just as tough as I thought it would be.

I’m most excited about the little changes I’ve made in my apartment. Its funny how a few cheap little wooden items for my kitchen and rearranging my living room have given it a fresh new look! I’m about 70% done with all the rearranging and major spring cleaning (two years of school papers and random junk mail really adds up after awhile, and apparently I had a whole section of my cabinet just full of grocery bags, apparently I am a hoarder of the useless and mundane!). I’ve already snapped some photos to show off the changes once I’m done. I’m trying to ‘adult’ up the place. Getting rid of shoddy little plastic items and putting my beloved stuffed panda collection into storage, getting rid of cruddy looking candles and all the little other odds and ends that have cluttered up the place over the last two years. Oh and finally – FINALLY, once my Dad pays me back some money I’m getting a real couch, not the awful, cheap, uncomfortable Ikea one I’ve had for over 3 years now – a real couch that I can actually sit and relax on and not feel miserable about 30 minutes in.

Next weeks Tuesday post’ll be all about my apartment and revamping it so I’m pretty stoked to write that entry needless to say, as well as my next two Friday posts! This Friday is going to be about my latest freebie snag from JewelMint (I love sites that give away free credit for promoting to your friends and stuff, its the only way I’ve been able to treat myself to these little jewlery purchases, free stuff ahoy!) and the following week is gonna be a review of this new skin care/cleansing/mask set I got at Target on a whim to try and clear up how awful stress has turned my skin lately.

Just a heads up, my posts will probably continue to be quite late in the day posted for the next few weeks as I’m coming off of Lyric for my Fibromylagia and hopefully going on to another mode of treatment because it made me feel all woosh and spacey even 6 weeks in when initial side effects should have been gone – so needless to say my body is all sorts of out of whack as is my sleeping pattern!

Au Revoir!
Until Friday!

[ A little bit of Retro – March 30th, 2012 ]

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Thankfully, I have really good friends who have really great taste and make my Fashion Friday posts ridiculously easy.

Unthankfully I can not find my sunglasses at the moment and my lazy self is taking one of my only Fridays off this quarter as a day of rest and relaxation so you don’t get many photos of me or my sunnies specifically.

Retro has been a big thing for a few years now, but I never got into the trend of out-there or super trendy sunglasses until I received these lookers from my bestie, Zarah (zarahlee.tumblr.com). Typically I was either a simple, big and black or aviator style of shades girl but these have been the only pair to grace my face since I first opened our customary belated Christmas exchange.

The great thing about Retro shades is the diversity. You don’t have to dress retro to wear these or other smashing sunnies. You can dress edgy, feminine, retro, biker, relaxed – really the ideas are endless. Personally I wear them every day but my favourite outfits to pair them with thus far have been: an oversized bilowy, black button-up with panneled leggings, and ankle boots & a simple coral shirt with a high-waisted circle skirt and my favourite oxford heels.

Another awesome thing about Retro shades right now is, like this pair from ModCloth, they aren’t one-dimensional and just your traditional turtle shell any more! They come in patterns, pleasers, and most importantly pastels. Now I’ve never been a huge pastels girl but I’ve been won over by the mints, corals, pinks, and nudes of this and last year – they’ve made me a convert and I’m loving it.

Shades – Primark
Blouse – Primark
Bracelet – JewelMint
Rings – (Bottom) Marc by Marc Jacobs (Top) Forever21
Nail Polish – Color So Hot it Berns, OPI
iPhone case – Otter (buy one and buy one now, they are phone savers)

[ grab bags, take your chance – March 9th, 2012 ]

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Welcome to my first weekly Fashion Update! Each Friday a post either reviewing some new item I’ve acquired or be a street style sort of post. We’re starting out this week, because I look like death and its finals and ya know what? Screw getting out of my PJs while I finish my final papers and projects. The day I got put on my medicine I bought myself a little present, something I felt would cheer me up and continue to get me trough the little rough patch. A little something shiny is the best way to start off a new chapter of your life and mine happens to involve three shinies!

As I mentioned last week, I took place in JewelMint’s little grab bag event – Oscars time means lots of fashion flops and fiascos, but it can also be the cause of some very great finds. In my case? Definitely some great additions to my jewlery box! The catch is that one person would win a diamond bracelet and other participants would receive 2 or more items, I lucked out and got three! Though I am a little bitter I didn’t get the diamond bracelet, I’ll definitely get more wearability out of the items I did get!

First we have the (poorly photographed due to my laziness of course) Wonderland Earrings. Now, of the three things I received these were the only ones I hadn’t been eyeing already on the site, and honestly are the only ones that don’t really fit in my ‘style’. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them though! They’re just the sort of thing I’ll end up wearing out to a special event, with a fancy dress or something, not something that would fall into my every day wardrobe.

Now, I’m a sucker for Victorian fashion and anything antique looking so, it goes without saying I love the effect these earrings have. They have a splash of girly, thanks to the bows, but they retain an elegant maturity that makes them, despite this portion, not ‘little girly’ but instead – feminine.

I have to say, at first I was skeptical but after I thought about it, I really am enchanted by these earrings, they’ll be perfect the next time I manage to find myself a fancy event or party to go to! Paired with a chic orange dress and some pumps, these would make any Fashion-savy lady stand out.

The most wearable item of the three that I received has to be the Huston Heritage Bracelet. I’m not a big person for gold, and often the closest I’ll come to it without putting up a serious fight is something antiqued or bronze, but this bracelet had actually been on my wishlist for a bit from the site. I saw it and was instantly attracted to the brilliant colour selection for the striking orange-red they used in it.

I’ve got fairly slender wrists/hands/fingers so often I stray from buying bracelets and rings online when I can’t physically try them on. That being said, you can imagine my ecstatic realization that it fit perfectly! Just the right mixture of loose by not, ya know, falling off my hands. This bracelet only goes about a third of the way up my arm when its lifted, which is also another bonus, meaning I can wear it with long sleeve shirts with a lot less possibility of looking like a tool at some point.

This bracelet has a ridiculous mount of versatility. Want to dress it up? Wear your favourite LBD (little black dress, for this uninformed!) with a standout pair of wedges and have yourself a fantastic night. Looking for something more casual? Try a simple maxi dress and a comfortable pair of sandals.

By far my favourite I received was one I had actually intended on purchasing in the near future – as in whenever I could afford it. I don’t wear earrings enough and I’ve really been wanting to get back into it.

These earrings perfectly complement my wardrobe. Not only can they be edgy, but the can be so many other things. I’ve already worn them three times and I only got my package on Monday! I could go on and on for ages about these earrings. Not only do they have the perfect antiqued look that I just absolutely swoon over – but they have rhinestones that aren’t obnoxious. Yes, ladies and gents, JewelMint has managed to do the impossible and have sparkle in a piece of jewlery that doesn’t look obnoxious nor does it look cheap or childish! This is a first for me. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a company that wasn’t quite high-end. I really have to give them a huge cudos for pulling it off! You’re sure to see my next few street style posts of my upcoming outfits (holla, going to be 70 next week so it will definitely be an outfit post!) litered with the five pieces of jewlery I already own from them!

These earrings can probably be worn with anything, something edgy, something girl, but my favourite way to wear these earrings is definitely going to be something that I’ll call ‘boho chic’, relaxed, comfortable, but makes that ‘wow’ statement.

[ as per the usual – March 7th, 2012 ]

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Its the end of the quarter so of course my life has become even more ridiculous then normal. Thankfully this is another quarter of mostly final papers, not final tests. I have one test next week but I have a slew of written stuff I need to churn out this weekend. A 3-5 page paper, a colour analysis with corresponding 3 page paper, tweaks on my portfolio for Professional Practices, then of course my final exam for Intro to Biological Anthropology. Thankfully I already took my oral exam and handed in my final paper for my Christian Ethics course, so 1/5 down! This of course means I may look cute in the clothes department but my skin is all sorts of broken out and I’m in a continuous state of looking absolutely exhausted. I can’t stress enough how glad I am to see this quarter coming to an end and the next beginning, its like starting new for me really. I feel good again, I’m still tired a lot but that I can manage (even if it means severe caffeine intake). Not being in pain any more except for spotty moments of it, being able to walk up stairs properly, my legs not aching to the gentlest brush, its kinda beyond amazing and I can’t say it enough – it makes me glow with happiness. Next quarter will be a new start, the weather will be warmer – I can get back to walking and taking public transit to class. I won’t have to worry about being so sluggish and taking 2 hours to really be ready to go in the morning any more. I can just focus on school instead of the extenuating circumstances in my life.

It will sincerely be a relief.

I did get my results for the DNA tests back and I’ll be pre-writing next weeks post sometime this weekend after my inaugural style post, assuming I can kick this mini cold and don’t look so much like death from finals! That way starting next week I can truly get back on schedule! If I’m not quite up to posting an outfit post yet on Friday you can look forward to another JewelMint post because I splurged (when I most certainly shouldn’t have but whatever, can’t change my silly decision now!) and the results were fantastic! I definitely adore their little Oscar grab bag and I certainly made out pretty well! I ‘d actually been eyeing two of the pieces I got, and the third – while not my type typically – is still wearable for special occasions or the odd night out!

Actually, its quite likely that’s the post you will be getting – but I ought to stop spoiling the fun of what my next two posts will be!

I apologize that this is another short, uneventful post but after finals I’ll be ready and roaring to go again!

[ a little gift – February 1st, 2012 ]

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So just a brief little update on my foot. Apparently the situation got a little more dramatic Monday morning when I got called back to the hospital, for what I thought was just a tetanus shot. The nurses noticed I was breathing a little funny (I had been under the assumption it was just anxiety because I’m allergic to Penicillin so any antibiotics put me a bit on edge), well unfortunately I was actually having an allergic reaction so I got sent home with a new antibiotic and two additional bottles of pills to deal with the allergic reaction. Thankfully everything has been fine since! I’ve been pretty knocked out because one of them is pretty much prescription strength benadryl but my foot is looking better and its not wonky to walk on it any more!

Oh and I can breathe again, that’s a big perk.

Last week, with everything going on and putting me in a bit of a funk I decided it was time to just do something nice for myself – even better this niceness was free! Awhile back I got a free credit for JewelMint, now usually I don’t partake in monthly sites because usually it means me forgetting to cancel that month or something and then me ending up out money I likely already don’t have. But I had a free credit and ya know what? I needed a pick me up, I was picking myself out something pretty! I ended up looking about, typically I go after rings but this necklace, the Prarie Rose, really caught my eye, it goes with so much of my fall/spring wear that I was sold. Its a bit more lavender then brown in person, but you can thank cruddy iPhone photos for that.

I was really shocked to open my package and see two boxes in it! Actually I’m going to call JewelMint in the morning, I just haven’t had time since they arrived on Monday (perfect timing right? really cheered me up after the weekend!) Because I only ordered the one, but hey this other necklace is still gorgeous, I’d been eyeing it too and I may actually consider buying it if it was a mistake and they ask me to send it back. The Easy Rider necklace just fits the other half of my wardrobe perfectly. If it was a free gift for me the ladies at JewelMint did a damn good job of picking!

I’ve worn the Prarie Rose literally all three days since I got it, I love the way it looks with my turquoise ring I bought myself in Paris when I was abroad.

I’m contemplating doing a weekly outfit post of myself and talking about where I got the look from, sort of something inbetween just updating my Lookbook.nu and what I was doing at CollegeFashionista. It wouldn’t be specifically college based so no breaking of any promises there. But I think it’ll help me really get back into blogging and keep my writing chops strong! Thoughts anyone?

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