[ a little gift – February 1st, 2012 ]

February 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

So just a brief little update on my foot. Apparently the situation got a little more dramatic Monday morning when I got called back to the hospital, for what I thought was just a tetanus shot. The nurses noticed I was breathing a little funny (I had been under the assumption it was just anxiety because I’m allergic to Penicillin so any antibiotics put me a bit on edge), well unfortunately I was actually having an allergic reaction so I got sent home with a new antibiotic and two additional bottles of pills to deal with the allergic reaction. Thankfully everything has been fine since! I’ve been pretty knocked out because one of them is pretty much prescription strength benadryl but my foot is looking better and its not wonky to walk on it any more!

Oh and I can breathe again, that’s a big perk.

Last week, with everything going on and putting me in a bit of a funk I decided it was time to just do something nice for myself – even better this niceness was free! Awhile back I got a free credit for JewelMint, now usually I don’t partake in monthly sites because usually it means me forgetting to cancel that month or something and then me ending up out money I likely already don’t have. But I had a free credit and ya know what? I needed a pick me up, I was picking myself out something pretty! I ended up looking about, typically I go after rings but this necklace, the Prarie Rose, really caught my eye, it goes with so much of my fall/spring wear that I was sold. Its a bit more lavender then brown in person, but you can thank cruddy iPhone photos for that.

I was really shocked to open my package and see two boxes in it! Actually I’m going to call JewelMint in the morning, I just haven’t had time since they arrived on Monday (perfect timing right? really cheered me up after the weekend!) Because I only ordered the one, but hey this other necklace is still gorgeous, I’d been eyeing it too and I may actually consider buying it if it was a mistake and they ask me to send it back. The Easy Rider necklace just fits the other half of my wardrobe perfectly. If it was a free gift for me the ladies at JewelMint did a damn good job of picking!

I’ve worn the Prarie Rose literally all three days since I got it, I love the way it looks with my turquoise ring I bought myself in Paris when I was abroad.

I’m contemplating doing a weekly outfit post of myself and talking about where I got the look from, sort of something inbetween just updating my Lookbook.nu and what I was doing at CollegeFashionista. It wouldn’t be specifically college based so no breaking of any promises there. But I think it’ll help me really get back into blogging and keep my writing chops strong! Thoughts anyone?


[ transitions – 09.12.11 ]

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While the English weather has been cooling down for a good while, I’m still posted in the States until the middle of the month and its only just starting to taper off in Chicago! Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike find themselves in a constant state of give and take with the changing climate. We still want to sport our summer duds but its starting to get a little too chilly to do it. The lovely CollegeFashionista editor Amy Levin likes to call this season “Sall”, a term I think I’m going to have to borrow from her. The Fashionista for this week also did a great job of seamlessly blending her fall and summer wardrobes, but in a much brighter way! Personally I’m all for transitioning your brights and florals into fall wear. It’s a huge misconception, if you ask me, that fall and winter should narrow your colour options down to neutrals and darks. Rock an outfit that truly stands out and brings those bright reds and corals to the table.

Check out my first actual article for the International CollegeFashionista site over here! I’m so excited to start snapping photos of Westminster students! Bring it on Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

[ she broke my… – 08.22.11 ]

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Normally I’m a more edgy-with-a-side-of-bohemian sort of girl, and maybe even a bit of hipster that I’d prefer not to admit to. But, I have a girly side too believe it or not! And when I saw this lovely lady hanging out with her friend, I just couldn’t help but to snap photos of both of them! Both outfits were too great in different ways for me to just write one article about the both; these Fashionistas definitely both earned a bit of spotlight! A well-executed flirty, girly outfit can be one of the most fun things to wear when you’re out to brunch with your best friends, and this stylish girl certainly got it right! I know whenever I try and dress girly I just miss the mark some how; either I overdo it just a little bit and look way too young or I just feel like my outfit is missing something!

Continue reading over here at CollegeFashionista!

[ take two – 06.06.11 ]

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As you can all see, my name is Hanna Marie. I’ve been a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista since the winter of 2010/11 and I couldn’t be happier about being back for the summer term! I’ll still be located in Chicago all summer, despite it being break and what not, but look out for some random Florida style advice from your favorite (duh) transplant! Hopefully I can work some great Chicago-style street festival style in as well!

See the rest of my second Style Guru Bio over here at CollegeFashionista.

[ this must be, pop – 4.4.11 ]

April 4, 2011 Comments Off on [ this must be, pop – 4.4.11 ]

Chicago has decided to rebel against it’s residents once again and has taken a 180 degree turn back to the frigid temperatures of last season; but hey, at least its sunny out! The irony this week is that I migrated to the Midwest from Florida because I just couldn’t take the lack of seasons any more, now that very lack of seasons is saving me from another week of writing about winter fashion! This fabulous Full Sail University Fashionista caught my eye when I was out wandering around Orlando with my friends; she’s a great example of how to rock the essential spring floral fashion and how to take it to the next level without going over the top. This ability is one that is hard for many of us stylish lads and ladies to come by, it’s not always easy to pull off the balance of pizzazz and simplicity and pull it off well to boot. This is an important skill for any Fashionista to pick up for the spring and summer months, as it is the best way to add some spice to an other wise minimalistic wardrobe.

The advice continues here…

[ freezing in florals – 2.7.11 ]

February 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

I rushed out this morning to try and beat the impending blizzard and it certainly paid off! I ran into this fabulous Fashionista at Starbucks while ordering my usual grande Soy Chai Latte. Where to begin! Do I write about my love for the brick red fingerless gloves that are the perfect little accent? Do I give some advice about how to rock the green khaki coloured coat look? Do I tell you all about the importance of keeping your florals alive and kicking in winter? What about her perfect layering too! Nothing pleases me more than a Fashionista who gives me so many options of what to write about! The upcoming Spring season features revivals of the Flower Child era, so let’s go with a little mix of the options.

Read and Style On here…

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