[ Colour Obsessions – September 29th, 2013 ]

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ImageSo I know, I know, I’m still not keeping with the updating as much as I said I would! But its a start (and hell, I think with my 400+ pages a week to read on top of class, interning, and work – updating every other week is still pretty good!). I’ve got a few fashion posts lined up for the next few weeks that should be coming out on Sundays, this is gonna be the first one to get me really back into the saddle, so to speak. Where is better to start off than your basic colour choices anyway! I’ve got some obsessions this fall, and some of them might be a bit shocking! Some of them are probably a little easy to guess coming from me (and my polyvore history…) but, that doesn’t mean I’m wearing them the same ways!

Colour Obsession: Vermillion

ImageVermillion is an orange-red colour that can have a lot of variance to it. Some companies call it orange where as some might call it tomato soup red (looking at you Jessica Simpson), and then you have names for it like Valentine (hello there American Apparel, how boring a name choice!) but in reality they’re both kinda correct depending on how you want to look at it. I’ve seen a few people sort of overdo the colour, but in my opinion it makes the perfect ‘pop’ for any outfit. My go-to item that fits in with this colour is a pair of (glorious) Cynthia Rowley pants (of which I own in multiple colours thank you very much). Especially during fall and with the multitude of blacks and greys that start creeping back into our daily wardrobes its the perfect addition to any outfit!

Colour Obsessions: Vermillion

Colour Obsession: Wine and Navy

IMG_3400Well, I am an Anthropologist so it should shock no one that wine is a constant in my life – not only in cooking and drinking but when it comes to my clothing as well! And Navy? Who could say no to a lovely bright blue that makes any outfit just that much better. I’ve bought a fair bit of navy recently – the biggest staples have to be my H&M blazer and my peplum top – both are Navy but one is lighter and bolder while the other is richer and darker, that’s another great thing about Navy! So many options! I could talk about either colour for days – but my favourite thing about them has to be how amazing they look when paired together! We’ll just pretend my other favourite blazer (the forest green one) isn’t conspicuously in the photo.

Colour Obsessions: Wine and Navy

Colour Obsession: Spring in Fall

Mint? Lavender? Wine (again, cough)? All my favourite things about a lovely spring afternoon in a park – who says I can’t wear them year round! I’m one of those people who spits in the face of all those who claim some colours are only for one time of the year – damn them and their opinions! I disagree! Vehemently! Angrily! LOUDLY! I will wear my mint in December OR April! I will wear Lavender whether it is 70 and breazy or 40 and dreary. I WILL do it! The great thing about these colours is they can cheer you up on even the dreariest of midwestern Mondays. I really need to get more of them in my life – my current set-up is just not cutting it!

No matter how you spell it out though, I’m obsessed with trying to make all of my spring mints and lavenders proper and fall – at least in their layering! But whats the best part of them? They pair perfectly with a nice wine-coloured lip and nail pairing. Ah yes, I do love when all of my favourites start to come together and be friends!

Colour Obsessions: Spring in Fall

[ Make an Impression – April 28th, 2012 ]

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Our first full day of digging and sifting and carrying and lugging had me a little more out of sorts then originally expected! In by that I mean I passed out as soon as I got out of my wonderful 40 minute long shower. So I apologize for this slightly late post!

Want to make an impression during an interview this Spring? You don’t have to stick to your traditional HBIC-Hilary Clinton approved pantsuits or business wear. Thanks to the current trends you can switch it up just enough to make an impression that’ll brighten your crayon among the options, but at the same time keep you appropriate.

Spring Interviews

For starters, I do suggest you stay more traditional with your shoes, black or nude pumps of some sort (close-toed) are going to be optimal. If you’re going for a Fashion-industry job you should feel free to switch this up (but not too much, you can make too much of a statement even in the Fashion industry – or alternatively come off as if you’re trying too hard, always stick with something that suits you and you’re comfortable in!), but in most industries – even if you can get away with switched-up tonal palette you want to at least keep the silhouette a bit traditional.

Jewelry should follow a similar design, while you can go a little more out-there with one, maybe two, standout pieces try not to overload yourself. I’m a big fan of lots of jewelry, but looking too cluttered can be distracting – you want to make an impression but you don’t want the interviewer to just be thinking about your shinnies when you leave – you want them thinking about you! I do fully endorse one or two standout pieces. For example, some complimenting and bold bangles with one great ring. It keeps it simple but can make you really stand out in a crowd.

Here is where you start to stand out from the pack. Instead of keeping with your traditional 3 B’s (browns, blacks, blahs!), mix it up a little in your tonal palette! Go with a pastel coral or pink pair of trousers – great for every day business-casual or for dressing up for something more formal! Pair your trousers with a cream or off-white button-up (I don’t really recommend stark white, ever, it can really flatten an outfit or look too harsh against other wise soft tones), if you aren’t planning on taking off your blazer or outerwear at any point I recommend making use of one of your nicer button-up tank tops, why? Well, no odd shapes under your blazer then! Nothing is more annoying then a button-up not fitting nicely under your sweater or blazer and making some wonky creases.

When picking a blazer to go along with your Spring-coloured outfit go with ‘ashier’ tones. I don’t want to say ‘cooler’ as that implies blues and greys and that’s not quite what we’re looking for! You’re looking for something that’s going to be a brown with pastelish tones to it. Something that gets away from being warm or neutral but doesn’t quite hit ‘cool’ tones. Confusing, I know, but you’ll know the colour when you see it! Anything too warm toned will clash with the rest of the outfit and anything too neutral risks flattening it out!

Last but not least, keep your nails and make-up simple! Stick with light lipsticks, basic eye make-up, little to no blush, and a nail polish that maybe has a little ‘pop’ but isn’t too bold – I again recommend pastels or neutrals!

The weather is finally suppose to feel more like Spring here in Chicago next week – so maybe I can go back to trying to do my own outfit posts! In the mean time check out HomeMint a new sister site to my lovely JewelMint that we all know I spend way too much time on (and got another free credit for – so another post is in the near future!)

[ tonal mastery – 09.26.11 ]

September 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well ladies and gents I’m finally in the UK! So bring it on all you lovelies at the University of Wesminster! I want to see all of your fantastic fashion.

I was lucky enough to stumble across this Fashionista on moving in day! In true fashion major style she couldn’t just throw on a simple pair of sweats and a shirt to move in; she had to be dressed at least nicely with a pound of accessories on (rings, my favourite and own personal demise!) I want to talk about tone mixing today; we’re told never brown and black, simply never! But I present you, yet again, with a falsehood!

Style On over at CollegeFashionista.co.uk!

[ style survival – 5.09.11 ]

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It looks like spring may actually be here to stay… finally! The fashionistas around campus seem to be sticking to the fall and winter staples hough, instead of busting out the florals and corals the stone cold cololrs I wrote about last week, browns, and blacks are staying strong!

The lifestyle of a busy student during midterms week doesn’t always leave one with tine to be fashionable! Let alone get your hair and make-up perfect in the morning but this Fahionista didn’t let that get in her way! If finals and midterms have got you down let me give you my top three tips for style survival!

Style On over here…

[ let’s talk trench – 4.11.11 ]

April 11, 2011 Comments Off on [ let’s talk trench – 4.11.11 ]

You can tell its April here around the Great Lakes because its been a few days since anyone has seen more than a few hours of sun behind the dreary spring time clouds. But hey! April showers bring May flowers, right? At least that’s what I’m pining for, and you can be sure I’ll cross my fingers and rub four leaf clovers in hopes that the weather gods smile down upon Chicago some time soon. Dressing for the rainy spring weather and staying fashionable isn’t something that comes easy. Its that time of the year when you just want to just wear your sweats and hide under your most waterproof clothing and wear galoshes because, I mean, what else is there to wear! Well that is where my advice comes from this week ladies and gents, and its unisex advice as well!

Style On Here…

[ boycott the skinny – 3.28.11 ]

March 28, 2011 Comments Off on [ boycott the skinny – 3.28.11 ]

For those of you not on the trimester system, those of us who are are incredibly jealous of you right now! Finals week just passed here at DePaul and it made it increasingly hard to find a Fashionista who had the time between papers, presentations, and tests to do anything but rush out of their apartment, grab some coffee, and not bother to change out of their PJ’s. This only means that those lovely ladies and gents who did manage to get dressed deserve all the more credit! Especially this stylish student who pulled off the comfortable yet put together look in an effortless, yet perfect, way. It is normally one of those unspoken rules that both guys and gals follow to not wear bootcut or non-skinny jeans in ankle boots, but this Fashionista proves that, well, sometimes the rules are just meant to be broken! That’s right ladies, this is another week of blurring the lines and giving advice about how to rock pieces of clothing normally reserved for your boyfriend’s closet! This look is another one that can’t necessarily be pulled off by everyone; unfortunately for us shorter girls it could very easily make us look a bit stumpy. But for those of you reading who have a few inches on my short 5’0” tall self, this article goes out to you!

Style on here…

[ miami vice, think twice – 3.14.11 ]

March 14, 2011 Comments Off on [ miami vice, think twice – 3.14.11 ]

It seems like it’s winter here again in Chicago. This is a bit unfortunate for me as I’m ready to move on and start taking photos of all the stylish students in their spring fashions! Sadly, we’ve got another week of outerwear ahead of us, but at least this time the Fashionista made it interesting! Not only did she step out in a fashionable asymmetrical zippered knit top that I am incredibly envious of, but she did the impossible! She actually managed to make a white leather jacket look good. I’m a rebel against white; it gets dingy, so often it looks childish, and a lot of times it just doesn’t belong anywhere near certain articles of clothing (mostly jackets… which is why I was so pleasantly surprised by this lovely lady). I mean, I may originally be a Floridian… but the Miami Vice look is just so not cute most of the time. There is, however, an art form to being able to pull off a white piece of outerwear like this Fashionista did and that is what I’m going to share with you today.

Style on here…

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