[ Colour Obsessions – September 29th, 2013 ]

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ImageSo I know, I know, I’m still not keeping with the updating as much as I said I would! But its a start (and hell, I think with my 400+ pages a week to read on top of class, interning, and work – updating every other week is still pretty good!). I’ve got a few fashion posts lined up for the next few weeks that should be coming out on Sundays, this is gonna be the first one to get me really back into the saddle, so to speak. Where is better to start off than your basic colour choices anyway! I’ve got some obsessions this fall, and some of them might be a bit shocking! Some of them are probably a little easy to guess coming from me (and my polyvore history…) but, that doesn’t mean I’m wearing them the same ways!

Colour Obsession: Vermillion

ImageVermillion is an orange-red colour that can have a lot of variance to it. Some companies call it orange where as some might call it tomato soup red (looking at you Jessica Simpson), and then you have names for it like Valentine (hello there American Apparel, how boring a name choice!) but in reality they’re both kinda correct depending on how you want to look at it. I’ve seen a few people sort of overdo the colour, but in my opinion it makes the perfect ‘pop’ for any outfit. My go-to item that fits in with this colour is a pair of (glorious) Cynthia Rowley pants (of which I own in multiple colours thank you very much). Especially during fall and with the multitude of blacks and greys that start creeping back into our daily wardrobes its the perfect addition to any outfit!

Colour Obsessions: Vermillion

Colour Obsession: Wine and Navy

IMG_3400Well, I am an Anthropologist so it should shock no one that wine is a constant in my life – not only in cooking and drinking but when it comes to my clothing as well! And Navy? Who could say no to a lovely bright blue that makes any outfit just that much better. I’ve bought a fair bit of navy recently – the biggest staples have to be my H&M blazer and my peplum top – both are Navy but one is lighter and bolder while the other is richer and darker, that’s another great thing about Navy! So many options! I could talk about either colour for days – but my favourite thing about them has to be how amazing they look when paired together! We’ll just pretend my other favourite blazer (the forest green one) isn’t conspicuously in the photo.

Colour Obsessions: Wine and Navy

Colour Obsession: Spring in Fall

Mint? Lavender? Wine (again, cough)? All my favourite things about a lovely spring afternoon in a park – who says I can’t wear them year round! I’m one of those people who spits in the face of all those who claim some colours are only for one time of the year – damn them and their opinions! I disagree! Vehemently! Angrily! LOUDLY! I will wear my mint in December OR April! I will wear Lavender whether it is 70 and breazy or 40 and dreary. I WILL do it! The great thing about these colours is they can cheer you up on even the dreariest of midwestern Mondays. I really need to get more of them in my life – my current set-up is just not cutting it!

No matter how you spell it out though, I’m obsessed with trying to make all of my spring mints and lavenders proper and fall – at least in their layering! But whats the best part of them? They pair perfectly with a nice wine-coloured lip and nail pairing. Ah yes, I do love when all of my favourites start to come together and be friends!

Colour Obsessions: Spring in Fall

[ easy as breezy – 07.11.11 ]

July 11, 2011 Comments Off on [ easy as breezy – 07.11.11 ]

It’s another scorching Monday here in Chicago: temperatures sweltering into the 90s bringing in the true pits of summer, sticky sweat and the pitiful amount of options of how to look stylish and not have a heat stroke. How is it we go about spicing up the old shorts and top deal that becomes the only option when the thermometer starts to get so high it might burst? Last week I talked all about bringing in some subtle patterns; this week, it’s about fit! Tired of plain old denim and a tank or V-neck? Not really into my button-up pattern advice from last week? Well try this! I know myself I’m a little tummy-conscious, so crop tops normally aren’t for me. But, they make a great layering tool and there are plenty of ways to keep your tummy in check while rocking the trend as well! I have three rules to follow for all those daring enough to wear crop tops, bare tummy or not!

Check out this post that made it to the coveted spot of Facebook look of the day over here at CollegeFashionista.

[ sunny day style – 06.27.11 ]

June 27, 2011 Comments Off on [ sunny day style – 06.27.11 ]

Ah, it’s summer and it is gorgeous out. 79 degrees and breezy? Light rays all about? Not a cloud in the sky? Count me in Chicago! Not only does this weather make me want to dress nicer, but it really makes me want to hunt out the most fashionable people possible, because summer is truly the breeding ground for showing one’s personal style. This lovely Fashionista brought to the table a timeless fashion that we see so often around college campuses in the summer, at least for the past few years! She’s taken a slight modern twist on some really great vintage classics. It’s a great look to pull off during the summer because it’s acceptable for both day and night and easy to put your own spin on!

Head over here to continue reading!

[ the lbd or the lbd – 06.26.11 ]

June 26, 2011 Comments Off on [ the lbd or the lbd – 06.26.11 ]

Did you all notice that summer happened upon us very quickly? Wasn’t it still 50 degrees two weeks ago? I can’t say that I’m complaining, but a bit of balmy spring weather would have been nice! Despite it being summer, I’m not getting right into florals, flowers and flats. Are you in possession of a sexy little black dress that you want to take from club hit to chic and haute? Then this week’s advice is for you! This week is all about taking the little black dress from sexy to sleek and making it more daytime appropriate.

Style On over here at CollegeFashionista!

[ natural instincts – 5.02.11 ]

May 2, 2011 Comments Off on [ natural instincts – 5.02.11 ]

We may be stuck in a slump here weather wise in Chicago, but I refuse to let it get to my writing or me! This week I had an extra hard time finding a fabulous Fashionista, not that I blame anyone at this point with how disgusting the weather has been treating us here. I almost missed out on this stylist lady when she walked by my car as I was parking, but luck decided to be on my side when I came across just in the quad after a bit of aimless wandering and grumbling over Uggs and sweatpants. There were so many things I could have written about this Fashionista’s outfit, her perfectly fitted blackshorts with tights, her gorgeous suede Miu Miu bag, the amazing set of rings she had on, I eventually had to settle on the most unique part of her outfit… all of the great animal accessories! No, no, I don’t mean elephant rings or Miu Miu eques patterning; I’m talking back to nature here everyone, feathers and fox tails!

Want to read the rest? Style on here!

[ this must be, pop – 4.4.11 ]

April 4, 2011 Comments Off on [ this must be, pop – 4.4.11 ]

Chicago has decided to rebel against it’s residents once again and has taken a 180 degree turn back to the frigid temperatures of last season; but hey, at least its sunny out! The irony this week is that I migrated to the Midwest from Florida because I just couldn’t take the lack of seasons any more, now that very lack of seasons is saving me from another week of writing about winter fashion! This fabulous Full Sail University Fashionista caught my eye when I was out wandering around Orlando with my friends; she’s a great example of how to rock the essential spring floral fashion and how to take it to the next level without going over the top. This ability is one that is hard for many of us stylish lads and ladies to come by, it’s not always easy to pull off the balance of pizzazz and simplicity and pull it off well to boot. This is an important skill for any Fashionista to pick up for the spring and summer months, as it is the best way to add some spice to an other wise minimalistic wardrobe.

The advice continues here…

[ boycott the skinny – 3.28.11 ]

March 28, 2011 Comments Off on [ boycott the skinny – 3.28.11 ]

For those of you not on the trimester system, those of us who are are incredibly jealous of you right now! Finals week just passed here at DePaul and it made it increasingly hard to find a Fashionista who had the time between papers, presentations, and tests to do anything but rush out of their apartment, grab some coffee, and not bother to change out of their PJ’s. This only means that those lovely ladies and gents who did manage to get dressed deserve all the more credit! Especially this stylish student who pulled off the comfortable yet put together look in an effortless, yet perfect, way. It is normally one of those unspoken rules that both guys and gals follow to not wear bootcut or non-skinny jeans in ankle boots, but this Fashionista proves that, well, sometimes the rules are just meant to be broken! That’s right ladies, this is another week of blurring the lines and giving advice about how to rock pieces of clothing normally reserved for your boyfriend’s closet! This look is another one that can’t necessarily be pulled off by everyone; unfortunately for us shorter girls it could very easily make us look a bit stumpy. But for those of you reading who have a few inches on my short 5’0” tall self, this article goes out to you!

Style on here…

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