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ImageWell hello there lovelies! I know, I know, I said I was going to write this last weekend – but you’d get behind too if you had three 20 page papers to write where you actually had to (gasp) collect data from your own sources. Graduate school sort of sucks, or maybe its just al of these theory classes that are killing my brain. Yeah, definitely the theory. Why can’t I just do skeletal analysis and talk about Human Evo and be left happy and content? Oh well, its all part of the process and its allowing me to get the opportunity to do what I love – and that’s what matters.

Todays blog is all about NYC’s Big Bold Gloss, which I received in my lovely Varsity VoxBox from Influenster. Now, being a rather long haired lady I haven’t been known to wear a lot of gloss – if only because its maddeningly annoying when it get stuck in your hair every time theres a minute amount of wind (of which there tends to be a lot of in Chicago… and even in Albany!).

Photo on 10-30-13 at 11.29 PM #2The Product

Brand: NYC New York Colour

Item: Big Bold Gloss

Item Type: Plumping Shine Lip Gloss

Colour: Pleasantly Plump Pink

The Trials

So I had said previously I liked this gloss from first impression – not much has changed there so this post will be more about trying to wear it in different ways! I’m going to try three different looks to show off this gloss’ viability across different styles, to see if its really worth its weight in sparkling shine! First, a natural look where the only thing really meant to look ‘made up’ are my lips. Next, I’ll do a pretty basic daytime or first date look – gloss, complimentary eye shadow, and that’s about it! Lastly, I’m going to try for a more dramatic girls night out type of look where I pull out all the stops!

Photo on 11-8-13 at 2.22 PMAu-Natural

I wanted to see how the gloss would look without anything else to tie it into a look – just something to pep up the every day to make it a little more special! I didn’t even put foundation on before taking these photos – though there might be a little left over mascara from last night (cough).

Pros: Adds some sparkle and shine – a nice transition to go from that terribly early morning class to coffee with the girls or a nice casual lunch date.

Cons: I’m not a fan of this colour as a stand alone, but that’s more personal for my skin tone – I’d like it much better in one of the more red shades, it just seems a bit lacking in the pink.

The Rosy Daytime

Photo on 11-8-13 at 3.00 PMFoundation: Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline, Mineral Power by Maybelline

Mascara: Mega Plush by Maybelline

Eyeshadow: HIP Duo in Rascal by L’Oreal

Gloss: NYC Big Bold Gloss in Pleasantly Plump Pink

So for this look I wanted to keep it simple, light colours and nothing too bold as to be inappropriate for work, an internship, an interview, or anything else you might do during the day time.

Pros: I love the way a nice pink eye shadow brings out the gloss – it really gives it a nice rounded look when it comes to a stylish way to wear this Big Bold Gloss.

Cons: Something about this colour pallet makes me feel too young, like 18 year old Freshman going to her Psych 101 class in the afternoon young. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does provide limits in marketability to a wider range of buyers.

Photo on 11-8-13 at 3.20 PMThe Night Owl

Foundation: Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline, Mineral Power by Maybelline

Mascara: Mega Plush by Maybelline


Eyeshadow: HIP Duo in Rascal by L’Oreal

Eyeliner: E.l.f. Kohl Eyeliner

Gloss: NYC Big Bold Gloss in Pleasantly Plump Pink

This is a much bolder, darker look than I usually go for (I’m a lipstick loving lady and with keeping balance in mind, I usually go for big, bold lips and more subtle eyes) but its my favourite of the three with this gloss.

Pros: The gloss is a really nice balance with a dark smokey style eye. I would definitely wear this if I was in the mood for a dark eye look over favouring lipstick.

Cons: If I’m wearing this type of make-up I’m hoping for something that I won’t have to put back on every few sips of a drink out with my friends or a date – gloss just doesn’t have the staying power a lot of lipsticks do, in reality though, this is a fairly minor inconvenience. This is another con that I think could be solved by investing in one of their more reddish hues from this line of products.

Final Verdict

I’m definitely a fan of this gloss. Its definitely not overly sticky, which is a huge perk, and the variety of colors means more of my concerns (staying power with such a light colour, looking weird by itself with my skin tone) can be easily solved by taking the lovely coupon I got and investing in another colour.

VVB - Big Bold NYC - Blog 1

Got it from Influenster Badge


[ A Little Note! – April 28th, 2012 ]

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For all those lovely subscribers I have – I’ve now configured the website itself so that WordPress over on that end (directly to my website, since unfortunately you can’t actually connect a .com/blog type of url to WordPress itself) so if you want to subscribe directly to the blog on my website – you can now! This means instead of just being connected to my WordPress – which I may stop updating separately (because, honestly, its really annoying to post the same posts twice!) you’ll be connected to my blog as long as I keep the website up and running! Which is definitely for the foreseeable future 🙂

[ The First – April 17th, 2012 ]

April 17, 2012 Comments Off on [ The First – April 17th, 2012 ]

Well hello ladies and gents! I’m pretty excited about todays post – though for those of you who were curious to see how I’ve revamped my apartment you’ll have to wait until next week – because I’ve got some pretty big news that I mentioned originally last month but got a little side tracked from…

I have a website now! For those of you who have followed my on tumblr or my wordpress for awhile or however long, I’m no longer a subdomain! Thanks to a lovely donation of some server space from a friend who practically forced me into it (yeah, looking at you Josh, I wasn’t really given a say in the matter, ahem!) relevantsurroundings.wordpress.com is now just relevantsurroundings.com! Except its not just a blog website, I’m going to be using it for a lot of things most likely.

Of course first and foremost at the moment is the blog, which can be found by either going to the main page or simply adding /blog to the end of the site. Its powered through wordpress itself so followers no need to worry! You’ll still be able to get updates and the likes and you won’t have to navigate another new layout (that was step one, getting my wordpress layout situated so I could follow through on making the rest of the site blend with it).

It also has a revamped About Me section and a Photo page as well that will eventually hold photography, sketches, and graphic design done by myself – but for now its just another little fox sketch that links through to my Flickr and gives everyone a little apology for it being under construction!

Sorry to break it to that person who thought my sketches were ‘flat’ and ‘like an 8 year old drew them’, whoever you are anon, I warn you! You won’t like the site! It happens to feature my favorite sketch I’ve done so far – Bernard, a fox that was inspired by my own foxy little dog Pickles. I did all the work on the site myself, with a little guidance on some backend things from my generous friend Josh – but all the coding itself and sketches (of course!) were done by me, which is something I’m rather proud of as I haven’t really built a website since high school, at least not anything more then coding some images onto a page for my online journalism course. Its pretty simple for now but I’m still proud of it! It was a good practice exercise to get myself back into being able to code html and use Dreamweaver.

Hopefully in the next month the Photos page won’t be too much of a project for me and Josh to somehow tackle before my Dreamweaver trial runs out (whomp whomp whoooomp). All in all, I’m pretty stoked!

I’d really love to have everyone’s thoughts on it! Questions, comments, concerns, typo’s I overlooked because I wrote the About Me on no sleep, no caffeine, and having just written two Anthropology papers!

PS. Please ignore the wonky, randomly doubled up posts on the site blog for now! WordPress went a little overboard with the importing…

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