[ tonal mastery – 09.26.11 ]

September 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well ladies and gents I’m finally in the UK! So bring it on all you lovelies at the University of Wesminster! I want to see all of your fantastic fashion.

I was lucky enough to stumble across this Fashionista on moving in day! In true fashion major style she couldn’t just throw on a simple pair of sweats and a shirt to move in; she had to be dressed at least nicely with a pound of accessories on (rings, my favourite and own personal demise!) I want to talk about tone mixing today; we’re told never brown and black, simply never! But I present you, yet again, with a falsehood!

Style On over at CollegeFashionista.co.uk!


[ are we in canada? – 9.19.11 ]

September 19, 2011 Comments Off on [ are we in canada? – 9.19.11 ]

The Canadian tuxedo — a dreaded statement for anyone to say, let alone see! For years we’ve been told that this is pretty much the death of fashion or does no one remember that one time Britney and Justin showed up both dressed in them? And their relationship ended didn’t it? Exactly! I can’t say there are many more trends that have shocked me when they’ve made the transition from taboo to totally cool like this one has, but I’m not complaining. When don’t right this can be an effortlessly cool looking look, when done wrong, you become that person we all judge on the train!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Are We in Canada? over at CollegeFashionista UK!

[ transitions – 09.12.11 ]

September 12, 2011 Comments Off on [ transitions – 09.12.11 ]

While the English weather has been cooling down for a good while, I’m still posted in the States until the middle of the month and its only just starting to taper off in Chicago! Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike find themselves in a constant state of give and take with the changing climate. We still want to sport our summer duds but its starting to get a little too chilly to do it. The lovely CollegeFashionista editor Amy Levin likes to call this season “Sall”, a term I think I’m going to have to borrow from her. The Fashionista for this week also did a great job of seamlessly blending her fall and summer wardrobes, but in a much brighter way! Personally I’m all for transitioning your brights and florals into fall wear. It’s a huge misconception, if you ask me, that fall and winter should narrow your colour options down to neutrals and darks. Rock an outfit that truly stands out and brings those bright reds and corals to the table.

Check out my first actual article for the International CollegeFashionista site over here! I’m so excited to start snapping photos of Westminster students! Bring it on Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

[ style guru bio #3 – 09.05.11 ]

September 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hair colours that hit every end of the spectrum from platinum blonde to pink to my current dark brown have graced the digital pages of CollegeFashionista since the beginning of 2011’s winter/spring internship. This is my third bio for the company as a whole, but the first for our UK site!

I’m a Florida and Tennessee raised girl studying in London via Chicago who spent all of her summers and winters in new York growing up. I’m a double major in both Media Arts and Public Relations as well as a double minor in Journalism and Anthropology. To put it lightly? I’m a bit of a mouthful!

To read the rest of my bio for the fall semester where I’ll be studying abroad and writing for the University of Westerminster, head over to CollegeFashionista UK!

[ matchy matchy – 08.29.11]

August 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

We always hear that its not too good to be matchy-matchy when you pick out your outfit before you head out the door for whatever adventures you may face that day, but I’m here to quash that rather black and white rule with some fun and fashionable grey areas! And, well, perhaps a reminder or two about when you might be treading the line on going too far towards clash with a heaping side of way too much.

This style advice continues on over at CollegeFashionista!

[ summer of suedes and sandals – 07.25.11 ]

July 25, 2011 Comments Off on [ summer of suedes and sandals – 07.25.11 ]

Summer continues to rage on in a sweltering mass of heat and stickiness. It doesn’t leave a lot of energy in the bones of even the most brave of Fashionistas to really step out there and bear the burden of being a sweaty mess but looking fabulous. I want to take a swing at a focus I haven’t really put a lot of words into yet this summer – shoes, of course! Now, now, I know style advice is supposed to be about a whole outfit right? True as that may be, shoes can and will make or break your outfit.

Continue reading this style advice over here at CollegeFashionista!

[ easy as breezy – 07.11.11 ]

July 11, 2011 Comments Off on [ easy as breezy – 07.11.11 ]

It’s another scorching Monday here in Chicago: temperatures sweltering into the 90s bringing in the true pits of summer, sticky sweat and the pitiful amount of options of how to look stylish and not have a heat stroke. How is it we go about spicing up the old shorts and top deal that becomes the only option when the thermometer starts to get so high it might burst? Last week I talked all about bringing in some subtle patterns; this week, it’s about fit! Tired of plain old denim and a tank or V-neck? Not really into my button-up pattern advice from last week? Well try this! I know myself I’m a little tummy-conscious, so crop tops normally aren’t for me. But, they make a great layering tool and there are plenty of ways to keep your tummy in check while rocking the trend as well! I have three rules to follow for all those daring enough to wear crop tops, bare tummy or not!

Check out this post that made it to the coveted spot of Facebook look of the day over here at CollegeFashionista.

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