[ Colgate SlimSoft Voxbox Follow Up – October 25th, 2013 ]

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So how am I feeling after a few weeks of using the Colgate SlimSoft I received in my brand-based VoxBox from Influenster? Unlike my other post, this post is only about the toothbrush itself – so keep that in mind when you’re reading!

Overall Opinion:

Pros: A very, very good clean. I felt like it got not only the surface but in between and a into all the little nooks and crannies.  The bristles have held up very well, I haven’t seen any fall out or start to become split. 

Cons: The handle of the brush is a bit thin, to the point where even with small hands it felt a bit awkward to hold – this is something I got used to over time though. I didn’t feel like it did anything to help the whiteness of my teeth – even though I was using it with the sample of whitening toothpaste given out.

Overall Recommendation:

If you like a squeaky clean feeling and aren’t tichy about bristle or handle size (or like them small!) this is the toothbrush for you. I really had a good experience with it, all of the cons are the types of things you see with most toothbrushes or minor enough to not deter me from recommending it to everyone I know!


* My camera charger isn’t working right at the moment so no follow up picture – sorry lovelies! (I felt like a webcam photo would be misleading in comparison.)


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