[ Colgate VoxBox Challenge Day 1 – September 17th, 2013 ]

September 17, 2013 Comments Off on [ Colgate VoxBox Challenge Day 1 – September 17th, 2013 ]

ImageI know, I know. I said I would be blogging again – and again I took forever to get to it! But now that school has settled and I’m finally in a routine with work, my internship, and the gruesome world that is academia – I can finally get back to writing! Step one? My first ever Influenster VoxBox!  Coincidentally my first VoxBox is all about oral hygiene – and dental anthropology is precisely what I want to do for my MA thesis, I took this as a sign that ya know what – I should get back to blogging, its a sign from the Blog Gods, they want my eclectic self back on the search results.

ImageI’ll admit (which is pretty hard, its not something that’s exactly fun to be open about) – my oral hygiene habits haven’t always been the best, it doesn’t help that I have almost no flouride naturally on my teeth and I get cavities even when I take good care of them. I’m just that unlucky person who wasn’t blessed by the Divine of Dentition. This is really the perfect type of challenge for me! Not only can I get some better habits out of it – but maybe I can find a new routine to make my not-so-pearly-whites pearly-whites again! I received my VoxBox yesterday – in it was a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash! It even came in a lovely little box.

ImageHere is a horribly embarrassing close up of my teeth right now – it wouldn’t be a real challenge if I didn’t show proper progression over the test period! I’m going to post a new picture every Tuesday for the next month. We’ll see the real power of Colgate soon!





Tooth Brush

Colgate SlimSoft

“17x slimmer tip bristles for a deeper clean.”




Colgate Total Advanced – Whitening

Mouth Wash

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield 

“12hr Protection Against Germs”



ImageFirst Opinion: I coupled the three products I was sent with my usual dental pick (I’m not a big fan of traditional floss, the picks are so much easier to use and much more versatile!). The toothbrush felt amazing! I usually use harder bristles because I’ve always felt like they cleaned better, but the higher concentration of softer bristles was just amazing. I honestly can’t sing the praises of the toothbrush itself enough. It was awesome, they didn’t irritate my gums, it fit in my mouth better – so far 5 starts for the toothbrush!

ImageI did like the toothpaste, but I had used Colgate Total before and it has a pretty standard taste as far as toothpaste goes. We’ll really see how the toothpaste rates when I’ve been using it with the SlimSoft for at least a few days – hopefully the whitening pays off! I tried the mouth wash as well (and will continue to try and force myself to use it, at least until I’ve used up the little bottle). I can’t say I’m at all a fan of the flavour – it was just way too overpowering. For something to be so extremely minty after having just brushed my teeth. The mouthwash would be okay by itself, but when they made it they should have considered the fact that people would be using it immediately after another quite minty product.

So as we stand I’m pretty excited to try this! I think having a sample and some goals will help me develop some better morning and before-bed habits when it comes to my teeth.





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