[ Slugs, Nails, and Puppy Dog Tails – April 6th, 2012 ]

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Again I’m posting quite late on a Friday! I promise its for a good reason though, many trials, errors, a doctor’s appointment, and two trips to the two in-city Target’s later and I think I finally just give up and have to admit my hands aren’t steady enough for this fancy-nails business, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it!

(love the colours, but the look on my face accurately describes my feelings toward my shaky hands and bad eyesight – I mean I could put on my glasses, but come on that means walking across the apartment)

Ever since two-toned nails popped up in fashion shows last year, I’ve had nail-envy (and so it seems, has most of tumblr). I was specifically trying out the coloured cuticle look myself (I’m going to try and do two-toned with just the tips next week! I’m likely to be way more successful at that).

I truly adore this trend and all of the fun nails you see these days, its a really awesome thing to see how creative some people can get with them.

Personally I’m all for simplicity (or maybe that’s also because art classes tend to be a killer of pretty nails, the only time I’ve done something fantastic with them, they were ruined in three days!) but I love looking at nail art, and I love seeing fashionable ladies who rock it on the daily!

(all images found on here)

You don’t have to be artsy or creative to give a little extra UMPH(!) to your nails. Try doing a fade with some glitter, or painting one of your nails another contrasting or complimentary colour. You can even try some simple polka-dots (toothpicks are your best friend!). A fresh set of stand-out nails can add just as much sparkle and ‘wow’ to an outfit as any accessory or pair of shoes can!

If you’re not the type that wants to muck around with details or try anything two-toned you can always just go for complimentary/contrasting overlays!

(all images found on here)

Any girl with any style can have a bit of fun with a simple switch up of the usual polish!


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