[ Grasping at Straws – April 3rd, 2012 ]

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I’m grasping at straws to think up a post for this week! This isn’t because I’ve done nothing but nothing I’ve been doing is finished to have something to show for it! I’m in the process of doing a major cleaning and rearranging of my apartment, the living room is allllmost done and then I’ll show it off. Its also that time of the quarter when I have nothing to show from school or talk about really, we’re just choosing topics for my Archaeology and Ethnographic Research classes and I’m still desperately looking for a book to do a write-up on for my Forensics course.

So yes most of my weekend has been spent on Imgur, Tumblr, and doing a Spring Cleaning of sorts to my house (though its more like, there’s 2 years worth of school work and stuff that has accumulated that I’m just binning).

This is why I hate this part of the quarter and this part of the year! Its not quite warm enough for me to really go out and do anything and I always seem to rabbit hole myself into solitude the first few weeks of the quarter – making my usually quiet, boring person even more so quiet and boring.

Oh and I have sketched some things on my new grahpics tablet, just for fun, most of what I do is utterly dreadful or for a jokes but sometimes my little doddles come out cute – but hey! I’ve only ever been proud of one thing I drew and that was when I drew a mouse peeking over a brain on a Congrats card for one of my good friends getting into grad school.

I’m still learning and adjusting to using it and honestly, most of what I draw would be considered a bit odd anyway its definitely nothing I’d ever sell or call art or anything like that, I just do it because I enjoy it, there’s something really cathartic about sketching even if the end result is wonky or poorly done – it just takes my mind off things and lets me concentrate on something else for awhile which is lovely.

I hope you enjoyed the post today brought to you in special thanks to: rambling.


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