[ Spring Break Part 2 – March 28th, 2012 ]

March 28, 2012 Comments Off on [ Spring Break Part 2 – March 28th, 2012 ]

As promised! Here is part two of my Spring Break. It was absolutely gorgeous the whole week, a rarity that it wasn’t too hot to function! I actually made it to the beach twice, that’s honestly the first time in years I’ve gone – I even (gasp) purchased a bathing suit, I haven’t done that since… well about 9th grade? Maybe 10th? I probably could have taken more photos at Epcot but I was so stingy about not deleting any of the ones from Animal Kingdom (flowers will be there every year for the Flower and Garden festival, its really rare in my experience that you get animal activity that awesome.) So here’s Disney part two! These photos are actually spread over two trips to Epcot – me and my Mom love it so much we spent 2/3 days there (opting out of MGM, because we’re just not fans, and assuming Magic Kingdom would be SWAMPED because of Spring Break).

As with the other posts, probably not phone or slow internet friendly! Loads of photos (though not quite as many as the other).


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