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I will admit when I got my results I was a little let down, though its not in a regretful way. You can learn a lot from DNA, a hell of a lot, and I was hoping my results might be a tiny bit more conclusive as to giving me some insight about myself that I couldn’t have other wise guessed. Being adopted is a weird thing – especially being adopted from the US and being caucasian. Because honestly? I may not know much about myself but I of course could have surmised a few things, I was European or Russian – based off most of my features and the particular olive tint to my skin we always guessed Russian or Eastern European. My adoptive parents briefly met my Mother and her Grandmother (whom was raising her) and could fairly close to 100% guarantee me I wasn’t from a recently-Americanized family. But this is all still fairly vague information, and its always bothered me to an extent to never be able to pinpoint these things.

Like I mentioned previously, it was always kinda weird to be the one kid in Middle and High school, doing genealogy projects in Biology classes who really had no idea what they were. I mean most of my friends or classmates probably couldn’t list specific cities or region of a country, but they at least knew if they were French or German or Austrian or not – something I never shared.

Well back on topic, unfortunately for my curiosity (and the fact that I’m female is to blame!) I happen to belong to the most common haplogroup that makes up, well, a majority of Europeans! Oh great, I totally couldn’t have already told you guys I was European, right? I mean come on! It was almost comical in a way to refresh the page and see my results, and how generally unhelpful or inconclusive they were for my needs. Does this make it less cool that I had my mtDNA tested? No, not really, just a little bit of a let down in so far as finding something out about myself.

40-60% of Europe shows markers or belongs to haplogroup H and its fairly evenly spread out – something any and all of my googling has agreed upon. On another sucky note for me this doesn’t rule out anything! A pretty big portion of the populated portions of Russian is included in the large frequency area of the haplogroup – as are Germany and Eastern Europe (what most people also guess). On the good end this does pretty much confirm our thoughts about where at least half of my lineage is – Eastern Europe, France, or Russian; on the other end? I didn’t win any bets!

When I started to look into other information and mappings of other H sub-groups that more definitively give a location it does make it look like I do have more of a chance of being French/Eastern European then anything else. If you were to ask me, I’d honestly guess French based off a lot of charts I’ve seen, they seem to pretty commonly be the one lineage that sticks in the close subgroups/main grouping of haplogroup H, though that could be completely wrong and is 100% based of me likely half-misreading charts at 8am while drinking a Bloody Mary.

Friday’s post may or may not be an outfit post or may be something else entirely! As I have a rather annoying 11am flight where I have to get all the way to Midway after dropping my puppers off at 9am, well, I’ll be cutting it close! But at least I’m seemingly back to keeping on schedule!


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  • Matt says:

    Blarg. And I was thinking about having my done too, until I saw your results =P

    • Yeah but you have to remember that this is not the only result, 40% or so of people end up with ti but a lot of people have more specific results, go look at the breakdown of how many subgroups Haplogroup H has, its ridiculous.

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