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Welcome to my first weekly Fashion Update! Each Friday a post either reviewing some new item I’ve acquired or be a street style sort of post. We’re starting out this week, because I look like death and its finals and ya know what? Screw getting out of my PJs while I finish my final papers and projects. The day I got put on my medicine I bought myself a little present, something I felt would cheer me up and continue to get me trough the little rough patch. A little something shiny is the best way to start off a new chapter of your life and mine happens to involve three shinies!

As I mentioned last week, I took place in JewelMint’s little grab bag event – Oscars time means lots of fashion flops and fiascos, but it can also be the cause of some very great finds. In my case? Definitely some great additions to my jewlery box! The catch is that one person would win a diamond bracelet and other participants would receive 2 or more items, I lucked out and got three! Though I am a little bitter I didn’t get the diamond bracelet, I’ll definitely get more wearability out of the items I did get!

First we have the (poorly photographed due to my laziness of course) Wonderland Earrings. Now, of the three things I received these were the only ones I hadn’t been eyeing already on the site, and honestly are the only ones that don’t really fit in my ‘style’. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them though! They’re just the sort of thing I’ll end up wearing out to a special event, with a fancy dress or something, not something that would fall into my every day wardrobe.

Now, I’m a sucker for Victorian fashion and anything antique looking so, it goes without saying I love the effect these earrings have. They have a splash of girly, thanks to the bows, but they retain an elegant maturity that makes them, despite this portion, not ‘little girly’ but instead – feminine.

I have to say, at first I was skeptical but after I thought about it, I really am enchanted by these earrings, they’ll be perfect the next time I manage to find myself a fancy event or party to go to! Paired with a chic orange dress and some pumps, these would make any Fashion-savy lady stand out.

The most wearable item of the three that I received has to be the Huston Heritage Bracelet. I’m not a big person for gold, and often the closest I’ll come to it without putting up a serious fight is something antiqued or bronze, but this bracelet had actually been on my wishlist for a bit from the site. I saw it and was instantly attracted to the brilliant colour selection for the striking orange-red they used in it.

I’ve got fairly slender wrists/hands/fingers so often I stray from buying bracelets and rings online when I can’t physically try them on. That being said, you can imagine my ecstatic realization that it fit perfectly! Just the right mixture of loose by not, ya know, falling off my hands. This bracelet only goes about a third of the way up my arm when its lifted, which is also another bonus, meaning I can wear it with long sleeve shirts with a lot less possibility of looking like a tool at some point.

This bracelet has a ridiculous mount of versatility. Want to dress it up? Wear your favourite LBD (little black dress, for this uninformed!) with a standout pair of wedges and have yourself a fantastic night. Looking for something more casual? Try a simple maxi dress and a comfortable pair of sandals.

By far my favourite I received was one I had actually intended on purchasing in the near future – as in whenever I could afford it. I don’t wear earrings enough and I’ve really been wanting to get back into it.

These earrings perfectly complement my wardrobe. Not only can they be edgy, but the can be so many other things. I’ve already worn them three times and I only got my package on Monday! I could go on and on for ages about these earrings. Not only do they have the perfect antiqued look that I just absolutely swoon over – but they have rhinestones that aren’t obnoxious. Yes, ladies and gents, JewelMint has managed to do the impossible and have sparkle in a piece of jewlery that doesn’t look obnoxious nor does it look cheap or childish! This is a first for me. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a company that wasn’t quite high-end. I really have to give them a huge cudos for pulling it off! You’re sure to see my next few street style posts of my upcoming outfits (holla, going to be 70 next week so it will definitely be an outfit post!) litered with the five pieces of jewlery I already own from them!

These earrings can probably be worn with anything, something edgy, something girl, but my favourite way to wear these earrings is definitely going to be something that I’ll call ‘boho chic’, relaxed, comfortable, but makes that ‘wow’ statement.


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