[ as per the usual – March 7th, 2012 ]

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Its the end of the quarter so of course my life has become even more ridiculous then normal. Thankfully this is another quarter of mostly final papers, not final tests. I have one test next week but I have a slew of written stuff I need to churn out this weekend. A 3-5 page paper, a colour analysis with corresponding 3 page paper, tweaks on my portfolio for Professional Practices, then of course my final exam for Intro to Biological Anthropology. Thankfully I already took my oral exam and handed in my final paper for my Christian Ethics course, so 1/5 down! This of course means I may look cute in the clothes department but my skin is all sorts of broken out and I’m in a continuous state of looking absolutely exhausted. I can’t stress enough how glad I am to see this quarter coming to an end and the next beginning, its like starting new for me really. I feel good again, I’m still tired a lot but that I can manage (even if it means severe caffeine intake). Not being in pain any more except for spotty moments of it, being able to walk up stairs properly, my legs not aching to the gentlest brush, its kinda beyond amazing and I can’t say it enough – it makes me glow with happiness. Next quarter will be a new start, the weather will be warmer – I can get back to walking and taking public transit to class. I won’t have to worry about being so sluggish and taking 2 hours to really be ready to go in the morning any more. I can just focus on school instead of the extenuating circumstances in my life.

It will sincerely be a relief.

I did get my results for the DNA tests back and I’ll be pre-writing next weeks post sometime this weekend after my inaugural style post, assuming I can kick this mini cold and don’t look so much like death from finals! That way starting next week I can truly get back on schedule! If I’m not quite up to posting an outfit post yet on Friday you can look forward to another JewelMint post because I splurged (when I most certainly shouldn’t have but whatever, can’t change my silly decision now!) and the results were fantastic! I definitely adore their little Oscar grab bag and I certainly made out pretty well! I ‘d actually been eyeing two of the pieces I got, and the third – while not my type typically – is still wearable for special occasions or the odd night out!

Actually, its quite likely that’s the post you will be getting – but I ought to stop spoiling the fun of what my next two posts will be!

I apologize that this is another short, uneventful post but after finals I’ll be ready and roaring to go again!


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