[ apologies are all – March 1st, 2012 ]

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I apologize I’ve been so out of it when it comes to posting the last two weeks, I completely broke my promise to start doing bi-weekly posts (update on Tuesday, outfit on Friday) but I promise its for a good reason!

Last week I went to the doctor on Wednesday, this is why my last entry was privated (though I only let one certain, special to me person read it), I couldn’t deal with it any more. 8 months of waking up achey and in pain, constantly waking up in my sleep, it just wasn’t worth it – it never had been but I finally had to admit to myself things weren’t working. Well long story short I’ve been out of it since then because I was put on Lyrica and my body is adjusting. Thankfully though the aches are gone, I can touch my legs again and it doesn’t hurt. I can walk upstairs again. Its all quite awesome and I’m quite happy about it – this tiredness can go to hell though.

And oh yes! I changed my hair! Expect another post this weekend with an update on that, the photo here is just a little preview!

I know this entry sucks but, its a little miniupdate!


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