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February 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

So just a brief little update on my foot. Apparently the situation got a little more dramatic Monday morning when I got called back to the hospital, for what I thought was just a tetanus shot. The nurses noticed I was breathing a little funny (I had been under the assumption it was just anxiety because I’m allergic to Penicillin so any antibiotics put me a bit on edge), well unfortunately I was actually having an allergic reaction so I got sent home with a new antibiotic and two additional bottles of pills to deal with the allergic reaction. Thankfully everything has been fine since! I’ve been pretty knocked out because one of them is pretty much prescription strength benadryl but my foot is looking better and its not wonky to walk on it any more!

Oh and I can breathe again, that’s a big perk.

Last week, with everything going on and putting me in a bit of a funk I decided it was time to just do something nice for myself – even better this niceness was free! Awhile back I got a free credit for JewelMint, now usually I don’t partake in monthly sites because usually it means me forgetting to cancel that month or something and then me ending up out money I likely already don’t have. But I had a free credit and ya know what? I needed a pick me up, I was picking myself out something pretty! I ended up looking about, typically I go after rings but this necklace, the Prarie Rose, really caught my eye, it goes with so much of my fall/spring wear that I was sold. Its a bit more lavender then brown in person, but you can thank cruddy iPhone photos for that.

I was really shocked to open my package and see two boxes in it! Actually I’m going to call JewelMint in the morning, I just haven’t had time since they arrived on Monday (perfect timing right? really cheered me up after the weekend!) Because I only ordered the one, but hey this other necklace is still gorgeous, I’d been eyeing it too and I may actually consider buying it if it was a mistake and they ask me to send it back. The Easy Rider necklace just fits the other half of my wardrobe perfectly. If it was a free gift for me the ladies at JewelMint did a damn good job of picking!

I’ve worn the Prarie Rose literally all three days since I got it, I love the way it looks with my turquoise ring I bought myself in Paris when I was abroad.

I’m contemplating doing a weekly outfit post of myself and talking about where I got the look from, sort of something inbetween just updating my Lookbook.nu and what I was doing at CollegeFashionista. It wouldn’t be specifically college based so no breaking of any promises there. But I think it’ll help me really get back into blogging and keep my writing chops strong! Thoughts anyone?


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  • Nicole says:

    I say go for it. I love to see your outfit choices ever since I first came across you on whatIwore today on LJ. So post away cause I love to see your style 🙂

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