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There isn’t much blood in the photots or any gory stuff but its still not pretty.

I’m going to be considerate and start off this post with the image that doesn’t involve the title… Well I’ve been waiting on the results of something to answer one of the questions I got on tumblr recently to make another blog post, because its a fairly big thing and I’ve been really anxious about it, but you’ll hear more soon about that, definitely by the end of this week I’ll have something! At least enough to justify post making.

Anyway back on topic. So last night my internet broke and I angrily stormed off from my desk, I happened to have done a pretty thorough cleaning of the floors in my living room a few days back so I slipped a little and thought I had just gotten another little splinter when I felt the prick in my foot, but upon further inspection… I was kinda really, really wrong. Now I’m not just comparing a little prick of a tiny little splinter that’s just grazing my skin and mostly stuck in my sock, when I say really really wrong, I mean off by about 2 inches with not one but -two- separate splinters in my foot, both quite a bit thicker then any splinter I’ve had before.

So thusly, I called my Mom, “Mom, there’s a piece of wood in my foot.”

You’ll have to excuse the two photos of dirty feet in this entry, my kitchen needs a sweeping and ya know I wasn’t exactly going around and scrubbing my foot with a huge splinter in it, tad painful.

Anyway. Now this seemed like no big deal at first, until when I pulled at it with tweazers… the half an inch piece (not pictured, this is post-breakage) just completely snapped off leaving just this little frayed edge that was outside of the skin for me to unsuccessfully pull at. Well this created a problem, but thankfully after a little work I got a good portion of the sucker out, awesome right? Wrong. At this point is when I also realized I had a -second- splinter.

So needless to say my life just sucked at that point.

Thankfully the smaller splinter came out with no trouble, though I came to realize the sucker was a pointy wooden triangle stuck directly into the muscle of my food, its actually the only part still sore. But this was sort of the least of my problems at the moment… Now I was faced with a decision so I called a few friends can I had just, well, no idea what to do!

At this point all I could do was kinda poke, prod, and pick at my foot hoping to some how get down to this other piece that was lodged way farther under the skin, so far that ya know normally if you run your finger over skin with a splinter in it you feel it, yeah I couldn’t feel the sucker.

Like any responsible adult, at this point I just needed a distraction and to not feel like I was all alone and what not so I went over to my friend Stan’s and hung out, to which a night full of splinter jokes and beer that tasted like blood and cinnamon commenced from. We all watched a movie and stuff and I kinda tried to fiddle with the splinter a bit but it was fairly clearly to me at this point that there really was no helping it. I was kinda stuck with the left over piece until morning when I could call my Mom to make sure it was okay to go to the hospital.

This is when not having insurance really sucks, I should have just gone last night but if my Mom won’t split the costs with me there’s no way I could afford it right now other wise.

As you can see from my cleaner footed Emergency Waiting Room photo… well there was still a nasty half and inch bit left! No bueno, very very no bueno I assure you. Thankfully going to the Emergency Room at 11am on a Sunday means there’s practically no wait and I couldn’t have been sitting there more then a half hour, even with getting my vitals done, before they took me back and took a look at the sucker.

This is where it gets kinda funny. The RN, the doctor, and the nurse who took my vitals all kinda freaked out independently when they saw the splinter, the doctor swore she’d never seen one like it before, it was actually really oddly calming and hilarious the way she was mildly freaked out (not in a concerned, but in a ‘what the hell that’s new’ sort of way, we always knew it could come out, it was just how…). It also turned out at this point it was damn good I came in as it was starting to get infected (yay $50 antibiotics!).

Now we just… well how the heck were we getting this thing out! She kinda just did what I did, poked around a bit, prodded, pulled at the skin. Well this wasn’t working, didn’t work for me with my eyebrow tweazers and now wasn’t working for her with her medical ones! This, well, this is a bit of a problem now isn’t it. This means cutting.

So this means the scalpel got brought out…
Well turns out the scalpel? Yeah that wasn’t working so great either since at this point was when she really realized how deep this piece of wood was in my foot, even after all the work we’d both done so far pulling at skin we couldn’t even get to it. It also turns out I heal pretty damn quick, apparently this pocket of fluid had developed that normally takes like 3 times longer so… this is the painful part (no, the splinter, all the poking and proding, walking on it, no none of that was the painful part).

I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever had a part of their body numbed with a needle in this fashion… but especially on a sensitive area like the bottom of my foot? Well this was one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through.

It turns out having an inch long need stuck into your foot that is already tender and sore with a sharp piece of wood poking at its muscle and then wriggled around to disperse the numbing stuff all over the area (yes, wriggled around while stuck into my foot) is an INCREDIBLY painful thing.

I’m never having a baby.

Thankfully though once it was numb and I wasn’t wriggling any more from the tenderness of my foot it only took her about 2-3 minutes to get the bit of wood out, which she proceeded to make me take a photo of and said, and this is a direct quote, “You pretty much had a pencil lodged in the sole of your foot.”

Yes, a doctor compared my splinter to having a pencil stuck in my foot – wonderful. She also all of a sudden understood why I was calling it a piece of wood, not a splinter.

I had an eventful weekend.


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