[ she broke my… – 08.22.11 ]

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Normally I’m a more edgy-with-a-side-of-bohemian sort of girl, and maybe even a bit of hipster that I’d prefer not to admit to. But, I have a girly side too believe it or not! And when I saw this lovely lady hanging out with her friend, I just couldn’t help but to snap photos of both of them! Both outfits were too great in different ways for me to just write one article about the both; these Fashionistas definitely both earned a bit of spotlight! A well-executed flirty, girly outfit can be one of the most fun things to wear when you’re out to brunch with your best friends, and this stylish girl certainly got it right! I know whenever I try and dress girly I just miss the mark some how; either I overdo it just a little bit and look way too young or I just feel like my outfit is missing something!

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