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Normally I’m all about the Fashionistas, but I do always keep an eye out for a fabulous Fashionisto! Here at DePaul, lets admit it– it’s pretty hard to find a guy who isn’t just in basketball shorts or boring jeans and a T-shirt. Now we may not all look to Jimmy Buffet for style inspiration… but I’ll tell you one thing, our Dads had it right with loose patterned shirts! Now, walking around in a Hawaiian T-shirt isn’t exactly the most fashionable thing, but some great inspiration for a more polished look can come from the idea! There is something so effortless and chic about a guy who can correctly dress down and make casual a decent pair of slacks and dress shoes. Thankfully for you stylish fellas out there this is a pretty easy look to replicate and it flatters most, if not all, body types as long as it is sized correctly.

Check out the rest of this (coughbelatedcough) style advice over at CollegeFashionista!


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