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It’s another scorching Monday here in Chicago: temperatures sweltering into the 90s bringing in the true pits of summer, sticky sweat and the pitiful amount of options of how to look stylish and not have a heat stroke. How is it we go about spicing up the old shorts and top deal that becomes the only option when the thermometer starts to get so high it might burst? Last week I talked all about bringing in some subtle patterns; this week, it’s about fit! Tired of plain old denim and a tank or V-neck? Not really into my button-up pattern advice from last week? Well try this! I know myself I’m a little tummy-conscious, so crop tops normally aren’t for me. But, they make a great layering tool and there are plenty of ways to keep your tummy in check while rocking the trend as well! I have three rules to follow for all those daring enough to wear crop tops, bare tummy or not!

Check out this post that made it to the coveted spot of Facebook look of the day over here at CollegeFashionista.


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