[ quarterly review – 06.10.11 ]

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So summer arrived… and has left again. Curse you Chicago, I was enjoying my dresses and high buns! But I can’t complain that the 100 degree days are over, they put me in pretty rough shape and just made me feel absolutely disgusting, me and heat do not agree any more it seems. Its not suppose to go above 79 or so again for the next week, which on one hand is nice but on the other… its going to rain practically the whole time, no bueno! I just bought a cute new dress I want to wear it damn it! At least I got two weeks done all at once for CollegeFashionista so I won’t have to rush to shoot between my ridiculous Mon/Weds schedule in the rain! Actually I’m really stoked on my next two articles to go up, I definitely made a nice come back after that awful article I wrote at the end of the Sping Internship term over at CF (windy city safe). It does put me in a better mood about it to know it was just a slip up one week instead of something that’s going to be a constant when I’m on my medicine.

School has finally come to a close for the quarter. I sort of sacrificed myself during finals. I was working really hard to make everything up and catch up but it was just making me so ill that I decided to take the bad grades and not make myself more ill for the start of summer classes on Monday. I had to take a step back and realize there was only so much I could do and the added stress wasn’t doing me any good, so what if I have to take a class or two over? Its not worth making myself more sick over, its not worth killing myself via stress over. Its so weird for me to make a decision like that, I’m not the sort of person to just back down and take a bad grade when I can try and get a better one, but for once I had to rationalize that… maybe it was just better this time. Relieving myself of the extra stress and just going with the flow after I did all the make-up work. Well, this ended fine in all but one of my classes. I was in a lot of pain during my math final and just ended up leaving, I’ll still pass it, I won’t pass with a nice grade, but I’ll pass and I can retake it, I was just out too much to do well on the final… didn’t hurt that all the stuff on the final was stuff he said he wouldn’t put on it either.

There was a lot of drama with my Photography teacher about my Final Project. For one he didn’t answer my e-mails for over a week, counted everything late even though it’s his own fault for not answering my e-mails, tried to blame it on me that I didn’t come to his open office hours (when actually I even was late to class waiting for him to show up one day, and I actually HAVE CLASS during all of his open office hours…) but anyway, I did get it done and on time (by some form of miracle who the hell knows). I decided to photograph my medicine in various places. The photos up up here on my flickr. I wanted to do places that normally you wouldn’t think of seeing medicine just sitting out in public, as whether people like to admit it or not medicine is still a very taboo subject (I wish I had gotten a photo of the girl who snarled at me and mumbled something in French on her phone about ‘sick people’ at Starbucks) its really an idea I’d like to take farther, I’m not sure how I plan to do that yet but I like where the idea has started and where it could go.

Also on that subject, I got all of the photos from my book project up on Flickr as well, all of the titles correspond to what the word on the opposite page was. If you don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about its explained back in this post.

Well that’s it for now folks! Just a quick little update before I spent the next three days hiding away and reseting before I get right back into the grind with summer classes.


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