[ pleating isn’t just for braids – 05.23.11 ]

May 23, 2011 Comments Off on [ pleating isn’t just for braids – 05.23.11 ]

We were fooled again, apparently it is still March, not May. But alas! There is still fashion advice to be given and students willing to continue bringing great looks to our humble city of Chicago! I was determined, as usual, to not let this wonky weather get me down! So what do I do in these times of need? I rest on my laurels, yes, I’ll admit to it, welcome to another glorious boyfriend jeans post! But wait! I assure you it won’t be a repeat of any of my other menswear posts, because this fabulous Fashionista took her boyfriend cut jeans to the next level. How did she do this? Pleating! Its all in the pleating ladies.

Style on here!


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