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We may be stuck in a slump here weather wise in Chicago, but I refuse to let it get to my writing or me! This week I had an extra hard time finding a fabulous Fashionista, not that I blame anyone at this point with how disgusting the weather has been treating us here. I almost missed out on this stylist lady when she walked by my car as I was parking, but luck decided to be on my side when I came across just in the quad after a bit of aimless wandering and grumbling over Uggs and sweatpants. There were so many things I could have written about this Fashionista’s outfit, her perfectly fitted blackshorts with tights, her gorgeous suede Miu Miu bag, the amazing set of rings she had on, I eventually had to settle on the most unique part of her outfit… all of the great animal accessories! No, no, I don’t mean elephant rings or Miu Miu eques patterning; I’m talking back to nature here everyone, feathers and fox tails!

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