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It was so great to have my Dad here for a few days. I really do miss him having close because I truly am a Daddy’s Girl at heart. We get along and mesh together at a level that I could never put into words how thankful I am for. Friday and Saturday nights we went out for pizza and beers at Piece in Wicker Park and it was just perfect. Extremely relaxed and just a really chill time, which we both need right now. It was the first time I’d drank in a fair bit and I was very glad that I was left feeling well and not ill like the last time I drank!

We went to the Field Museum and it was brilliant! I’d gone during fall 2009 with my Mom but its so different doing things with my Dad. We have a nice, calm, relationship that lacks the stress and pressure of me and my Mother’s. It really is entirely different. We had such a great time. We didn’t finish the entire museum but we just had the time floor left so it’ll only be like $10 for us to go back and finish next time he’s in town. The Horse exhibit was BRILLIANT! We both really loved it because I rode for a number of years and my Papa did it professionally before WWII. I almost buckled and bought this $18 real leather pouch but… held myself back because I know its best to save my money right now!

There aren’t words for me to say how thankful I am for my Dad. Over the weekend he’s bought me a lot of things I needed in the apartment (just little things, new towels and sheets and stuff) but because my laptop has crashed three times this year and just almost crashed again… he bought me a new desktop computer because I paid to fix my laptop last week. It really is so nice. I mean beyond the fact that I feel guilty he spent so much money buying me things I needed on this trip, having a desktop is much better for what I do (especially with all the issues I’ve been having on my laptop…). Having a computer with proper Adobe Design Suite and a good sized monitor and triple the harddrive space… it really does make sense now that I’m really getting into the digital portion of my degree, plus that’s where I want to end up profession wise.

I’m pretty excited that its starting to warm up! Even if its just getting to a mangeable temperature for dressing nicely and wearing all of my heels and flats! I so excited to be able to wear my maxi dress too! I bought in on sale back in March and I haven’t been able to wear it yet because of the weather, but it fits perfectly! If I could put mu frustration into words of finding one that wasn’t like 6 inches too long I would…

I’ll update Tuesday or Wednesday about my photobook project for class because I’m hoping to get some more people involved! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!


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