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April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is far, far over due. I’m actually writing this on my phone because I doubt I’ll find the energy when I get home from class unfortunately. I ended up having a really awful reaction to my MRI and the contrast dye they inject into you. I’m talking I could barely walk out of the place, was nauseas, and couldn’t move from bed for 3 days. It really messed me up. I’ve only just gotten back to a normal sleeping pattern and am starting to actually feel a bit better. This has unfortunately taken 3 weeks. I’ll be honest, the first week I didn’t even bother I felt so awful and the second I put minimal effort into fixing things because I was just happy to find time to sleep. A lot of drama has also happened in the last few weeks and I’d rather move on from talking about my stupid whateverrthehelliswrongwithme illness.

I no longer work for SPACE, won’t be talking about that either as it is not in my nature to slander people whether they are unprofessional and bordering on rude or not. Things with CollgeFashionista are still going great though! I’m going to be continuing on for the summer internship and I’m hoping to continue on for fall, though I haven’t decided if I’ll be writing an abroad column for DePaul or a regular one for the University of Westminster, me and Amy both agreed it was better to wait and make that decision.

Oh and guess what that means? I got the loan! So now I am officially officially going. I had already been accepted by DePaul, as of yesterday I was accepted by the host program, and getting the loan makes it for sure. The last step school wise is getting accepted as a photography student, but even if they don’t accept me as that I can finish out some core liberal arts classes and it won’t make any difference really (thankfully I have a few left to fall back on just in case! I actually signed up for a history class anyway haha). I’m so excited, I just hope it doesn’t get messed up by it-that-shall-not-be-talked-about-for-the-rest-of-the-post.

I’m really excited to go and live in London, I wish I could intern while I’m over there, like proper intern, but at least I’ll still be writing for College Fashionista! So I can at least bump my resume up nicely with doing some over seas work for the site!

Lots of awesome stuff is happening in the next week and a half! My Dad flies in tomorrow and will be here until Sunday night and I’m so excited. I’m totally a Daddy’s girl and I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him when I was in Florida because of my car issues, plus, he’s been working so hard he needs a little vacation. I also have a really exciting project for Advanced Photo coming up, its a Photo Book and I’m going to make a post probably next Tuesday really talking about it indepth!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, religious or not!


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