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For those of you not on the trimester system, those of us who are are incredibly jealous of you right now! Finals week just passed here at DePaul and it made it increasingly hard to find a Fashionista who had the time between papers, presentations, and tests to do anything but rush out of their apartment, grab some coffee, and not bother to change out of their PJ’s. This only means that those lovely ladies and gents who did manage to get dressed deserve all the more credit! Especially this stylish student who pulled off the comfortable yet put together look in an effortless, yet perfect, way. It is normally one of those unspoken rules that both guys and gals follow to not wear bootcut or non-skinny jeans in ankle boots, but this Fashionista proves that, well, sometimes the rules are just meant to be broken! That’s right ladies, this is another week of blurring the lines and giving advice about how to rock pieces of clothing normally reserved for your boyfriend’s closet! This look is another one that can’t necessarily be pulled off by everyone; unfortunately for us shorter girls it could very easily make us look a bit stumpy. But for those of you reading who have a few inches on my short 5’0” tall self, this article goes out to you!

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