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I’m not happy at all with the way my prints came out for my last two photography projects. Only the Anna Wintour photo turned out as well as I’d hoped. The lighting for the Satine photos just didn’t present as well on film as on digital and my famous portrait film was ruined by some rather rude classmates so there was really very little I could do to fix it beyond just making it print able. I’m not very happy with a lot of the far back shots for my final on film either. If there was one thing I really needed to work on with my photography it is definitely being better at making the transition between film and digital. I’ve almost got it, I just feel like often I get to about 98% and never quite reach 100%. I’m really excited to be going back to digital next quarter for Advanced Photo, we have the option of doing film or digital (there is also ‘advanced digital photo’ but they elected to make the hybrid class the required advanced level class because some people, like me, elect to focus on film in school). I’m also stoked because I’m taking Professor Denlinger again and he is by far my favourite teacher I’ve had at DePaul.

I feel really great about the modeling I did for Stacy’s project though! Even though her large format film was also ruined by said rude other student it gave the photo of me as Edie Sedgewick a really interesting quality that kinda works and reminded us both of Andy Warhol’s films, of how rough they were.

I’m so ready for this quarter to be over so I can go back to having a life. Next quarter is going to be so relaxing comparatively to this one. It’s going to be ridiculous! And I mean that in the absolutely best way possible.

Speaking of which, I’ve been out of tea for almost two weeks and it’s killing me. We have a specialty tea store downtown called Tea Gschwendner and I can’t even lie about it… it is legitimately the best thing since sliced bread. They have the most amazing an interesting selection and the flavours are so dead on! Last time I got Baked Apple Pie, Marzipan, and just a plain Chai. I’m definitely getting the Marzipan and Indian Chai again but I want to pick a different fun flavour; I’m thinking something more floral since it’s spring and that was my special winter selection.

I just checked out two books for my March reading, a book on Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert that I’ve wanted to read for ages but was never not checked out called “We Two”. I also got a book on the Bielski brothers (the Belarussian Jews ‘Defiance’ is about) that tells their story and ISN’T the one the movie was based off of, I made sure to not just get ‘Defiance’ because I didn’t want the bias of having seen the movie before reading the book or anything like that. I’m really excited for my 5 days in Florida, I’m going to get to see so many people and it’s just going to be the perfect amount of relaxation, which is greatly needed in my life right now.

This is another terribly unexciting entry, but I promise come the end of this quarter things will get more regular and exciting around here!


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