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Next quarter is going to be another ridiculous one. I’m taking another extra class (3-4 is considered ‘full time’ at DePaul). It’s a little better than winter quarter though, if only because I don’t have any 14 hour days of just class. I did break two personal rules though; no classes that start before 10am and not classes on Saturday or Sunday. I justified both decisions easily though. My Mon/Wednesday Advanced Photography class is only offered Spring quarter and I’d rather continue with my photographic education (after this I still have to do all of my digital classes, but I’m done with film!) and I don’t want to risk screwing myself over by waiting until next year when I’ll be a senior Spring quarter.  I broke another personal rule for my PR elective: Event Planning. I’ve never seen it offered another time while I was at DePaul so I figured it was better to just buckle and take the Saturday class than to risk not being able to take an elective I’m actually interested in! I’m also taking French (MY LAST QUARTER EVER THANK GOD, I’m so awful at retaining language) and 3D Foundations on Tuesdays and finishing out my “Freshman” classes which also doubles as the last time I’ll ever have to take a math class on Wednesday nights. I’m pretty stoked since next quarter I’ll also be a Junior! A full quarter ahead of time because I’ve taken enough extra classes.

I can’t believe I only have 2 quarters left of winter quarter! That ‘spring break with a lot less sun and much more snow’ as my Film Philosophy professor liked to call it really threw a lot of things off. I’ll be shooting my final project for Intermediate photo this Saturday, which will be awesome since I’ll be done printing my other photo projects by then (ie – I’ll be done way before the due date so I can get my prints as perfect as possible!). I’m also not really stressing out because I only have one final exam that’s actually an exam (in French), two of them are actually only power points! I’m pretty much done with my PR class at this point besides helping my group mates put the power point together. I really only have work left in French and Photography! For a quarter that has been hellish so far, at least finals won’t be too dreadful (being almost guaranteed at least 1 A and 2 A-‘s doesn’t hurt either…)

I had my Study Abroad interview yesterday and I’m really stoked on the possibility of going! I found out there aren’t a limited number of slots and that the interview itself is to just assure the student knows what’s going on, seems ready to handle all of the stuff it takes to actually get over to London (paper work, financial stuff, etc.), and to make sure they’re willing to make the commitment. I know I’m more than qualified in those areas (I mean I’ve been moved out for over 3 years now and went over seas alone!) so now it’s more about figuring out where I’m going to get the money for it. It’s $7,600 just in program fees, not including flight or the fact that 4 classes in actually 6 hours over what my financial aid will cover so I’d have to pay out of pocket. I’m going to be doing a LOT of applying for grants and scholarships to try and make this possible because I feel like it’s an opportunity I just can’t pass up if it’s possible in any way for me to do it, no matter how hard it’ll be to come up with that large of an amount of money OUTSIDE of my normal tuition.

This week has been all about photography for me. I’m going to be spending all day Friday printing the photos from my last two projects that I spoke about shooting earlier this week. Today I modeled for Stacy as Faye D.’s version of Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde fame. We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and shot outside by the street, it was a lot harder than we imagined to try and not get an cars in the shot (after all cars are pretty different now than a hundred years ago!) Stacy was really excited about how the shots were looking as we shot them and I can’t wait to see them once she develops the film! I really feel as if I’m an awful model because of the way I tend to hold my jaw in photos but that’s probably just me being over critical. I’m still having a rough time finding another female model for my Marie Antoinette shoot, so if anyone is interested and in the Chicagoland area definitely get at me! You get free photos out of it!


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