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This weekend was quite nice. I had off Saturday and Sunday (I’ll go more into that later) and I spent all day today shooting at school with my partner Stacy. We were working with both large format 4×5 cameras. I shot her as Crown Princess/Empress Victoria of Prussia/Germany for my 4×5 portrait and then I shot two ideas of her for my 35mm photos. One is suppose to represent a dramatically lit scene/photo from a movie and I chose this image of Satine from Moulin Rouge. The image at the left is one of the lighting test shots I did on my digital camera to make sure it was coming out the way I wanted it to. In the film shots her shirt is off the shoulders so that you can’t see it and you see a little less of the necklace. I’m pretty pleased with the way they came out seeing as I only had a budget of $15 to work with which meant I couldn’t afford to really do it up. I found these great clip on flowers for $5 for the pair and they made a nice substitute for the big things on the side of her headpiece, and I feel like ribbon works nicely. At the end of the day I could have splurged a little but I need to save all the money I can right now and I’m still pleased with the outcome either way. The fact that the lighting is pretty spot on and Stacy got the downcast questioning look matters a lot more to me for this project than the fact that she’s not covered in diamonds and pearls.

We’re currently working on two projects, technically at least. They’re both due at the same time. The first was the Famous Portrait and the second is called ‘Subject, Person…’. The Satine photo was my first of 2 photos that we’re suppose to shoot. For my second photo I chose the ‘cultural icon’ category with some ‘victim of the paparazzi’ thrown in for a few shots (of which I’m hoping to use for the print itself if they turn out nicely!). My subject for it was Anna Wintour. Stacy has the same hair cut as her and I had gotten this great vintage fur collared cape from my Mom last time I was in Florida so I though it’d work just perfect. I wish we had more chic looking sunglasses or even just bigger ones but I’m really excited about the way these came out! We spent like 15 minutes talking about her beforehand and I feel like she pulled off that stern always busy look very well in all of the photos. This was one of the only ones where she had a hint of a smile, but it’s probably my favourite regardless. I’m so excited to go in and develop the film on Tuesday! I can’t wait to start printing from these photos, I know I’m printing way more than the one required photo of each situation because I want to give Stacy at least one shot for being such a patient partner with all of the camera and light issues we’ve had!

I modeled for her as well. I played the part of Edie Sedgewick for her Famous Portrait, playing off of this photoshoot. I’m modeling for one of her Subject, Person… photos as well. On Tuesday we’re going to do a bit of outside shooting, I’m going to snap some more photos of her as Anna Wintour in the park and she’s going to snap some photos of me as Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde), another option was to photograph a real or fictional villain/hero. I’m really curious to see how her other photos turn out as well, she’s getting one of her guy friends to dress up as a mummy and play out the ending scene to one of her favourite horror movies (another one of the topic options was the dramatic conclusion to a movie, play, or book).

I’m enjoying taking photo classes more and more now that it’s starting to get more and more self-directed instead of having such strict boundaries like we did in beginning photography (which is a film class, I took it last Spring). I’m SO excited about my final if my professor approves it and I get enough people willing to model. I’ve wanted to do a modern take on Marie Antoinette for awhile (using stills from the Sophia Coppala movie as my starting ground for scenes). I need 2-3 girls and a guy to really pull it off the right way and I’m struggling to get enough people to agree. The whole idea is to have them dress kinda punkish and really modern-trendy but with the same style hair, as in lots of curls and high hair-do’s. I want to keep the make-up simple as well and very late 1700’s in France, which means a bit of blush on the cheeks and like pink lipsticks (maybe some reds depending on the skin tones of the girls I get to help me!). I’m really excited about hashing out this idea and making it a reality, it’s been an idea of mine for awhile! I’m going to do a lot of digital shots as well so I can have them ready to edit for possible portfolio work.

It’s been crazy at SPACE and it won’t end for awhile, we have so many shows coming up! We have two weeks of double shows as well. I was lucky enough to land this weekend off since I filled in for one of the other interns on Wednesday and Thursday because she was sick. I’ll write more about the craziness when the two weeks of constant shows are over! This entry is long enough anyways.

PS. Chicagoans! If anyone is interested in being a part of my final photo project for the quarter please get in contact with me! I’d really appreciate anyone willing to model.


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