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I just realized when I started thinking about writing another entry that I never told everyone how my trip to Florida went! So I only went for Saturday and Sunday of two weekends ago, but I had to regardless of the short amount of time I had… I  mean my Nana was turning 90, there was no not going!

Saturday I left out bright and early and got to my layover in Atlanta (ugh, originally 3 and a half hours!) to find out the earlier flight into Daytona Beach had been delayed! I called my Dad and we decided an extra 2 hours (plus he was pretty guilty about not realizing he had signed me up for the previously mentioned 3 and a half hours layover) that it was worth the $50 so I would get more time to see everyone. I got into Daytona and went out to dinner with my Mom, who I hadn’t seen in almost 8 months at the time since I hadn’t been back to Florida since the previous June. It was actually really nice, which is rare, me and my Mom do a lot better with each other when our relationship is over the phone and not in person, so whenever we have nights like that which are just nice and calm and without all the usual family dramatics, I truly cherish them.

Sunday was the really special day. Me and my Dad got up and grabbed breakfast and I accompanied him to church. It was pretty weird for me to be at church, I haven’t been besides for Christmas one year (with my best friend Sabrina’s family) since my parents got divorced. I didn’t really got for myself since I’m still in a position of non-religion in my life at the moment, but I knew it would really mean a lot to my Dad if I went with him, and with all he does for me, with all he gives up for me, and how hard he tries to make everything I want to do possible I thought it was the least I could do.

After that we got my Dad a Blackberry so that he can finally properly start marketing his construction company and have a reliable phone, unlike his Nextel flip phone that drops calls more often than Chicago has wind gusts. Dinner at my Nana’s was definitely the highlight of my little mini-vacation. My Dad had managed to keep the secret (so had the rest of the family!) this year and she actually though I was someone else at first. She said it was the best birthday she’d ever had; which I take as a huge compliment since she had 89 others to compare it to! Overall, it was well worth the stress of all that travel for not even 48 hours back in Florida. Without even a second thought it was worth it.

I’m starting to do more stuff at SPACE and I have a few projects I’m working on at the moment. My Public Relations class is suppose to do a PR campaign for a local company and we got screwed over by the first two companies who we were going to do it for so I offered up the venue, not only does it take a little pressure off me as far as getting all of my promotional ideas off of the ground, but it’ll take a lot of pressure off my group for class because instead of having to go through a third party to get any information, I can be the direct contact, giving us a much more reliable situation than the two previous ones (our first company took 2 weeks to even get back to us with just some very very basic information).

The whole project is based around trying to get more college-aged people into the venue and coming to see the shows. It’s definitely music people my age should be in to but for some reason, that late teens early twenties is a demographic we’re just missing out on. This is particularly odd because we’re just down the street from Northwestern University. I came up with some ideas for coupons and stuff and am intending to start a blog as my part of the project, which was something I had wanted to do anyways. So look for information about that when it gets off the ground if it gets approved by my bosses!

It’s much nicer heading out to the venue when it’s above the freezing point as well. I don’t dread the train ride and standing outside waiting between the red and purple lines, even when (like usual) the purple line doesn’t come for 25 minutes even though it’s suppose to come more like every 12.

I didn’t make any plans for this Valentine’s Day, not that that is an oddity as I’ve never had an actual boyfriend (not counting stupid little hand holding middle school relationships of course, I had my fair share of those wastes of time) I’ve never really cared too much for the holiday and I don’t mean that in a dramatic way. I don’t think it should take a special day of the year to so something special for your significant other, and honestly if I was in a relationship where only that one day was special like that… I would start to seriously reconsider the type of relationship I was in.

Anyways, I love Valentine’s Day for another reason; because I have the best Dad in the world. He doesn’t only wait until Valentine’s Day to send me flowers (he sent me them twice randomly last year and it was the most amazing thing ever), but I came home and about 15 minutes later received this cute little vase of flowers. The attached note says, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you! I am very proud of you! Love, Dad” Bad sentence structure aside, it was the perfect thing to come home to, and really is the perfect representation of how much I love, cherish, and appreciate everything my Dad does for me.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Valentine’s Day! Whether you were with the one you love or your best friends getting drunk… or like me stuck inside doing mounds of French homework in preparation to fail the test anyways…


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