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It is 4:36 on an overcast, kinda gross though slightly warmer than it has been, Wednesday afternoon. The last Wednesday afternoon of the first month of 2011. It seems crazy to me that in 2 months I will be 1 class short of being a junior in college. This is only a big thing because it puts me a full quarter ahead of schedule since I’m taking 5 classes in spring as well. If all keeps up at this pace I’ll graduate on time in 4 years, even though I’m 5ish classes over a full 4 year load. I’m honestly so proud of myself.

Tuesday was a waste of time, I didn’t get anything reprinted that I should have and I couldn’t really participate in Public Relations because I felt like I was just going to fall over and we were doing some seminar style exercises that required moving about the room. I also left Film Philosophy early today because we were watching Inception and I just got so dizzy I couldn’t take it any more. I’m going to try watching it at home and help that not watching it on a theater size screen with surround sound will help (ie – watching it on my laptop instead). I wish I could take my medicine for it but it just knocks me out way too much. Fact of the matter is it’s going to keep popping up like this with the amount of stress I’m under and unfortunately either until my Mom (hopefully, fingers crossed) gets me on her insurance, or I acquire like $800 to get a new MRI referral AND the MRI, I’m kinda shit out of luck with doing anything to make it better besides just pushing through it, which has a tendency to make it worse sometimes. Oh well, I know it could be way worse, it’s just a real inconvenience when 2 of my classes (ie – watching movies and being in the darkroom) are really negatively affected by it.

I’m in a bit of a rut right now with my weekly CollegeFashoinista article, they asked me to reshoot and write a new article to run the one I had originally written for this week in a few weeks time and I just haven’t had the time. Thankfully I have that break between French and Photo tomorrow and I’m crossing my fingers that somewhere in that hour of free time I have I find someone (and the weather cooperates with outside photos!). Besides that I got a 10/11 on my first review with the head of the site (Amy) and my internship class professor (Bro. Mark) and I’m super excited about it! He told me that she said some really nice things and said I was a great and dedicated intern and it just absolutely made my day on Monday to find that out. It certainly cheered me up after finding out it’s going to cos me $7,600 extra outside of tuition and food for Fall if I get accepted for the London study abroad. I want to do it so badly but right now I don’t see a feasible way for me to be able to afford it. Hopefully if I get accepted I win some scholarships and figure out some way to pay for it by July.

Everything at SPACE has been going really well. There’s really not much to talk about at the moment. I did set up a blog for the interns to use and write (sort of like how I do here) about what it’s like to work there and in the industry and write some articles about upcoming shows and events we’re putting on to hopefully bring in some of the younger demographic to the venue. I’ve already sort of set into a typical lull with the way working at the venue goes, which I guess has it’s pluses and minuses. Either way I still value the experience a lot.

I’m gonna end out this post with asking everyone what they think I should do with my bangs! Plus I need to start writing a little bit more about things that people feel they should respond to, ya know promotion through people actually wanting to comment back or whatever. Either way….

Bring them back? Yes? No? Straight? Side? Opinions please!


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