[ how is it almost february – 1.18.11]

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I really can’t believe that it’s almost February. It’s so crazy that Columbia and some other schools either just started or aren’t starting until next week and I’m already half way through my third week of classes! This quarter is going by so fast, much faster than I appreciate because I feel as if I haven’t learned enough to be this far into the quarter. I mean if you think about it I’m only 2 weeks from midterms! I don’t want this quarter or next quarter to go by too quickly. I’m so content in my internships and 4/5 of my classes. French may be hard and a struggle for me but at least I have a good, understandable teacher. I’ve really lucked out that all but one of my teachers are quite good and I won’t go into the other as it is not in my nature to simply talk about people to complain about them when they’ve done nothing on purpose or maliciously.

I’m really excited about printing my first real project for Intermediate Photography. Brock was such a big help offering to model for me and letting me drag him around my apartment while my dog tried to hump him between photos. We had a really nice night of it, despite some drama with light bulbs exploding and batteries dying that sent us running to Target 20 minutes before it closed. He got me to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the first time and I definitely get why all of my friends love it so much now!

Working at SPACE has been incredible. If anything it’s the environment that totally makes it. The rest of the staff is great and friendly and has actually shown interest in getting to know who I am and is always helpful in explaining things thoroughly and completely the first time around instead of leaving me to run around like a chicken with my head cut off! Which is a problem I’ve had before with short lived or perspective internships so I greatly appreciate them actually doing what you should with an intern: teaching me useful things and how you want things done at/for your company. It really just makes me thing I’ve made the right choice about what I want to do with my life. Speaking of internships, I’m so excited about my next CollegeFashionista article (the one from this week about legwarmers was actually another one of SPACE’s interns Monica), it features an absolutely gorgeous girl in a very pretty coat.

I hope everyone has had a lovely January! I’m going to go settle down with a nice drink, my book, and the perfect play list and tuck in for the rest of the night since I don’t have to be up until noon on Wednesdays. Stay stylist loves!


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