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It’s that time of year again. I’m back to the grind of school and stressing about it. With 5 classes, an internship, and then everything else I do it certainly doesn’t leave me a lot of free time, or for that matter study time! Now while I lucked out with most of my classes, I know French is going to be a struggle. I’ve never been very good at retaining languages. I always just sort of remember bits and pieces, I’m much better at picking up the gist of something when someone else is saying it than ever trying to repeat something or say it myself! I did pull off a B last quarter, which was a miracle in itself, and really, it’s one of those classes where (although I’d love to get an A or B in it) as long as I pass I’ll be satisfied.

I’m much more excited about my other classes! My Public Relations class is going to be a breeze, I already tentatively have all of the personal work I’ll have to do for our ‘personal promotion’ project done and our group project should go nicely, I trust at least 2 of the other members of my 4 person group to be timely and responsible about things. I’m also taking a Film Philosophy class, which is probably the class I’m most excited about! We get to watch a slew of awesome movies, about half of which I’ve seen, including Inception, Memento, and Moon. My other classes are pretty typical. Intermediate photo will focus around shooting with large format cameras and 35mm B&W film. Sadly all of DePaul’s medium format cameras (which is suppose to be covered in this class as well) are defunct and they’re simply too expensive for the college to purchase a slew of new ones, so we’re getting a crash course in them hopefully on Monday with my professor’s personal medium format camera. My first round of developing film (from over the summer and my England trip, as well as a few of our first snow here) all came out lovely! I didn’t loose a single photo! I was pretty excited because I hadn’t developed anything in about 7 months so I was really afraid I might make a few mistakes the first time. My last and final class is my Arts Internship class, I’m actually sort of separated from the group because I’m the first student the teacher has had in 5 years who is doing a commercial internship, not a non-profit (such as working for a gallery or museum) so he’s sort of trying to figure out how to work the class for people like me who go into an arts field that is commercially based. It’s… been interesting. The best part is he’s letting me help chose the articles I’ll write papers from! It’s quite exciting.

Now on to the more exciting stuff! Internships! The CollegeFashionista.com writing one is turning out to be a bit harder than I expected. Anyone who knows anyone about DePaul knows that… well fashion decency is even hard to find. Heck, I was just glad to find a girl who was well put together and hadn’t ruined her outfit with Uggs or yoga pants! While I’m always on the look-out for students who are true Fashionistas/os, I know it’s hard to really step out of the box when it’s only 15 degrees out so I’ve been focusing on at least finding people who are following a trend I can write my weekly advice about. (wink wink nudge nudge to those students who are fashion forward, find me! I will gladly take your photo! ) Even I must admit my next two articles are a tad boring unless I can find someone awesome tomorrow when I go wander around the Loop in the morning. I’m still really glad to be writing for them and really looking forward to some warmer weather when I know it’ll be easier to find people dressed nicer out and about and outside (we’re suppose to avoid inside photos as much as possible).

SPACE is, well, amazing. Last night was my first night and I had an absolute blast! I’m doing a lot of different stuff there. Last night I  wrote up the seating charts for the section of the venue where you can buy reserved table seating, took some photos of the venue and of the acts, and wrote my first two press release! I definitely underestimated how hard a press release is to write. You would think one little paragraph about each artist would be a lot easier than it actually is. Especially with the genres we play where a lot of people were in other bands who weren’t bands during the technology age (ie – one person’ previous act… well I could only find one article from 1992 about them! That was it!) and others who are obscure and their pull aren’t really people who ya know have myspace and facebook and follow blogs. It’s definitely a new experience for me working in a what I will refer to as a ‘non-pop’ venue (ie – no mainstream or indie rock, it’s all like folk/americana/soul etc etc) especially when it comes to finding enough good information for a press release.

The biggest downside about working at SPAE is probably the limited amount of places I’m allowed to take photos from. It’s pretty much just in the sound booth, next to the bar if I can get a clear shot, or from the reserved table directly in front of the sound booth (if it’s empty). This kinda squashes a lot of good angles and variety in my photos, as well as the dreaded over the crowd shot is pretty much unavoidable. I didn’t actually know I was going to be taking photos, so next time I’ll make sure to be more prepared and have my zoom lens with me to hopefully help with the limited options I have a bit.

Either way I’m really excited about everything I’m doing this quarter! It’s sure to be some great resume building stuff and some just downright great opportunities!

I’m going to be a brat and not post any photos of myself this week because I haven’t had any time to take any! I’m really slacking on my lookbook and Chictopia accounts now that I’m back in school and I need to step up my game right quick! But I was just too exhausted to take photos of my outfit I wore to work yesterday and I’ve acquired a nasty cold! That cold is sadly going to eat up my two days off I’m afraid which makes for a very boring ending to this post, which I apologize terribly for, but I do think I’ve hit ya’ll with enough blocks of text already anyways!

I hope everyone who is already back in school had a great first week and if you’re not back in school yet, I hope you’re enjoying your last few days of freedom!



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